Are MonthLeaf Weed Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

By Cheri Sicard
September 1, 2021

NOTE: If you want to try the MonthLeaf Box, enter the coupon code CHERI25 for 25% off your first order.

My friend, who lives in deepest Alabama and has never experienced the joy of legalized marijuana was incredulous.  “You mean to tell me you can actually get a cannabis subscription box?  Man, I live in the wrong place!  I want a subscription box for stoners,” he whined.

Yes, it is true.  In California, the land of legalized weed, you can order weed subscription boxes, filled with smoke-ables, edibles, concentrates, topicals and more delivered each month just as residents of other less enlightened states might have the Fruit of the Month club delivered.

However, in my years in the cannabis business I have had the opportunity to try many weed subscription boxes and to be honest, most were huge disappointments filled with second rate products and accompanied by over inflated price tags. Many so-called weed subscription boxes don't even have any weed in them!

  Until now.

Month Leaf Smoke Box weed subscription boxes Subscription Box -

Weed Subscription Boxes That Really Deliver!

The MonthLeaf Box, actually delivers!  This is a monthly cannabis subscription box designed to introduce consumers to 5-6 new cannabis products every month.  It beats the competition hands down for several reasons: 

  • Price: With the MonthLeaf monthly weed box you save about 30% off what it would have cost to buy the items individually.  This is a huge improvement over other cannabis subscription boxes I have tried that cost a whole lot for boxes that, while packaged nicely, did not deliver a whole lot of substance.  Not so with the Month Leaf box.
  • Quality: The quality of the products in the cannabis subscription box was outstanding, including well known brands.  The variety will change every month, but the box I tried included brands like Korova, Kiva, and Candescent. 
  • Variety: The box has a nice variety of products and included things I would regularly buy, as well as items I might not have tried (and ended up liking – see the video above for examples including the biggest surprise 24K gold rolling papers).
  • Customization: While the offerings change every month, this isn’t a complete weed mystery box because you can customize it to your tastes.  To begin with they offer 4 Categories: The Puff Box for those who prefer to smoke, The Edibles Box, The CBD Box, and a Variety Box that is a little of everything.  But even beyond that you can still customize.  For instance, I did not want any CBD or any vape products in my variety 420 box.  No problem.  If you prefer, indicas, sativas, or hybrids, also no problem.  So while you get a new mixture of products to try every month, with these customization options they are all sure to be products that you will actually use and enjoy.

Where Is the MonthLeaf Weed Box Subscription Available and How Does It Work?

As of this writing the MonthLeaf box is available in select areas of California, namely San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Chico, and Los Angeles.  They are currently working on Orange County and they plan to add other areas as they find more partner dispensaries to work with (so if you are licensed dispensary in California, hit them up).

How it works is you order your box online, set your customization parameters, and then the weed fairy (OK not literally a weed fairy, but they might as well be) delivers your cannabis subscription box to your door.  How convenient is that?

Traveling with Mary Jane: 420 Goody Boxes, Not ONLY for California Residents

Month Leaf Cannabis Subscription Box

Yes, you have to be in California to receive the MonthLeaf Box, BUT note that you do not need to LIVE in California to get the weed box.  You can have it delivered to your hotel or Air B&B.  

So if you have a business trip or vacation planned in the Golden State this cannabis box will make a fabulous addition to your trip.  That’s right you can order a one-time delivery instead of a monthly ongoing subscription. I loved that the MonthLeaf Box people even included a lighter and rolling papers, so everything I needed with right in the box, especially handy for travelers who may or may not have the staples with them.

Try Out the Cannabis Subscription Box and Save!

If you would like to give the MonthLeaf Box a try follow this link and be sure to use the coupon code CHERI25 at checkout for 25% off your first box.  This monthly weed box is a wonderful way to discover new cannabis products that are sure to become old favorites.  Enjoy!

Month Leaf Weed Subscription Box

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