Favorite Edibles: Review of Olala Cannabis Sodas 

By Cheri Sicard
May 18, 2022

I have tried a lot of cannabis sodas and soft drinks over the years.  I have to say, I have never been a fan. 

Of the many brands I have tried, all were cloyingly sweet, had questionable flavors, and invariably left me with little effects save a nasty headache afterwards. 

That changed when I discovered Olala Cannabis Sodas.

I happened upon this brand while attending a Cannabis and Movies Club event in Los Angeles.  Discovering new favorite brands is one of the biggest benefits of attending events like this as you get to try things out.

I was immediately drawn to the infused flavored mineral water Voila!.  Similar to drinks like Le Croix, this sugar-free keto infused water has an essence of fruit flavor.  Unlike LeCroix, it’s infused with a healthy dose of cannabis.

Olala also makes small batch craft sodas with sugar too.  What I liked about them is they are just sweet enough.  Not as sweet as other brands, and that's a very good thing, Oalala allows the fruit flavors to shine through.

Best of all, even after drinking a whole bottle, I was not left with a headache afterward.

Light and refreshing, Olala cannabis sodas are the perfect edibles for a hot summer day!

Nano Infused Olala Cannabis Sodas

Now if you have been following me for any length of time, you know I usually steer away from fat free foods.  That’s because the cannabinoids in cannabis bind to fats.

I discussed this with the owner of Olala, who is self-proclaimed science geek.

Their process involves nano technology that emulsifies cannabis concentrate into the soda.

As it is cannabis concentrate used to medicate the cannabis sodas you are ingesting the medicine itself rather than an infusion with it.  This is the same reason I advise home cooks to infuse foods like honey, maple syrup, and corn syrup with concentrates.

However, when it comes to making cannabis sodas, it would be impossible for home cooks to duplicate this process.  Because even though the cannabis concentrate is an oil, you would not know it is there when you drink an Olala Cannabis Soda.  When it comes to texture and mouth-feel they are like any other non-medicated soft drink.

Olala Cannabis Sodas Dosages

Olala Cannabis sodas are available in a variety of dosages, which is a wonderful feature. 

Most states cap cannabis edibles dosages at 10 mgs. THC per serving. Likewise, many cannabis users, especially medical marijuana patients, are forced to buy multiple edibles and ingest lots of calories and sugar in order to get the dosages they really need.  

Other people, like me, just have a higher tolerance.  

All of us will appreciate the ability buy a "10 serving" bottle of cannabis infused soda (I won’t tell if you drink more than one serving).

If your dosage needs are more modest they also have 10mg and 25 mg bottles as well.

Of course, you never have to drink an entire bottle of cannabis soda by yourself at one sitting.  Unless it does carry the dosage you need.  (If you don’t know what your ideal dosage is, take my free online dosing class that will help you discover yours.)

Olala Cannabis Sodas Flavors

Olala Cannabis Sodas

Olala Cannabis sodas and cannabis infused mineral waters are available in a variety of fruit flavors.  I tried the Blueberry Voila Mineral Water and the Guava and Blue Raspberry sodas.  All were delicious!

That said as with all potent cannabis edibles the flavor changes as the dosages increase.

At 10 mgs. THC a bottle the flavor was undiscernible.  At 25 mgs. THC it was barely there.  At 85 mgs. THC a bottle you definitely knew it was there.  

It was not horrible.  Nothing like a terrible tasting weedy brownie.  Olala sodas are made with concentrates so there is none of that acrid green flavor.  But at higher dosages you will notice a slight bitter aftertaste.

It is well worth the potency tradeoff.  Overall I have to say that Olala cannabis sodas are some of the best tasting edibles I have tried.

Currently available in California, Olala will hopefully expand to other states.  Check out the Olala Cannabis Sodas website for more information.

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