POT by NOIDS Review: Decarber, Infuser, Concentrate Maker 

By Cheri Sicard
January 4, 2023

Introducing my new favorite cannabis cooking gadget! And if you have been following me for any length of time, you know I don’t give such recommendations lightly.  Up until now, there was only one company I recommended when it came to cannabis cooking gadget and that was Ardent.  However, stay tuned for this POT by NOIDS review, as it changed my exclusive status.  That's because this amazing  cannabis cooking gadget from the Netherlands takes the functionality up several notches.

POT by NOIDS review: Why is this gadget so great?


This versatile gadget does a lot.  It perfectly decarboxylates cannabis, regardless of whether it is THC or CBD dominant.  The machine can even perfectly calibrate the time and temperature needed for the cannabis you are using and its moisture level, or lack thereof.

It makes cannabis infusions like cannabutter and cannaoil easily and neatly.  It even has a built in strainer.  And once again, there are separate settings for CBD and THC.  The POT by NOIDS even comes with a built in strainer that lets you pour off the strained infusion – no colanders and cheesecloth needed.

POT by NOIDS straining cannaoil

It Also Makes FECO!!!

But most exciting of all, and unlike other gadgets on the market, the POT by NOIDS allows you to easily and safely make full extract cannabis oil (FECO).  Within this category you can make tinctures or safely evaporate off all the food grade alcohol to make wax.

The machine is even able to reclaim the alcohol used so you can use it again and again.  This is an awesome feature, as Everclear and other food grade alcohols can get expensive.

This added functionality is a game changer for home consumers who want or need to make their own cannabis concentrates.


Food grade alcohol for tinctures and FECO/RSO.

  • Small batch distilled
  • UDA organic available
  • Use coupon code CHERI for 10% off
  • So are there any downsides to the POT by NOIDS?

    If you want to make large batches of cannabis butter or oil, it does have a limited capacity of about 2 cups.  

    The Ardent FX is a better choice for large decarbing and infusing (although it does NOT make FECO).  However, the POT by NOIDS is plenty big enough for most average home consumers.

    I found this to be a high quality precision cannabis cooking appliance.  It is competitively priced with other types of cannabis cooking gadgets but offers far more functionality in a package that does not take up a lot of kitchen real estate.  It also has built in features like the strainer, that others sell as optional accessories.  So the POT by NOIDS truly offer exceptional value for what you get for the money.

    I do like and recommend this device.

    POT by NOIDS Coupon Code

    Use the coupon code CHERISICARD for a 5 Euro discount on the POT by Noids (discount will be converted to dollars).  While this is a Dutch company, they do have distribution centers in the US so if you order it will come from the US and be wired for US too.
    Click here to learn more or order.

    Demonstration: Decarbing in the Pot by NOIDS

    how to make FECO in the POT by Noids

    Follow this link for the FECO making demonstrations in the POT by NOIDS.  The post will show you 2 different methods for making FECO in this invaluable gadget.

    (This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase I get a small commission at no cost to you.  however, I never recommend products that I don't actually like and use.)

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    About the author

    Cheri Sicard is the author of Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, and The Easy Cannabis Cookbook.  Her online courses at Cannademy.com have educated 1000s of students about marijuana, cannabis cooking for home cooks, and making infused topicals.

  • Cheri, I really appreciate your reviews since I don’t have the time or money to figure out what works. I’d love to buy the POTS, but even a 5 euro discount ($5.41) doesn’t make the $322 cost affordable. And that’s before S&H and tax.
    I made the mistake of buying the smaller Ardent, and when I figured out I should have purchased the larger one, they said they don’t do any exchanges. So if you know of someone who has a larger one and wants to exchange it for the smaller (never used), please let me know.
    Thank you so much for all of the information you provide for those of us who don’t have time or money to do the research!

    • If size is an issue than you might not like the Noids Pot either. The Ardent FX is the largest option for volume. But the smaller Ardent definitely works well. If it were my company and it had not been used, I would have exchanged it. But it isn’t my company. Yes they are pricey but the Noids Pot has great functionality and is in line pricewise with Ardent.

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