Product Reviews: Annabis Odor-Proof Purses for Stoner Style 

By Cheri Sicard
September 25, 2019

I was recently gifted with an item that will interest every marijuana smoking woman.  These purses by Annabis are sleek, stylish, and well crafted, but you can't see the most important thing about them.  They are odor proof!  

How does it work?  Well according to the Annabis website, only your dog will know for sure what your carrying, nobody else will be any the wiser.  AnnaBis’ Aroma-Bloc Technology consists of thin layers of resin film that are typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries. Construction is durable, flexible, lightweight and heat resistant. Encased in this film, they then seal the accessories with airtight zippers and special nips and tucks to keep the scent inside where it belongs. This contains the smell rather than absorbs it because nobody wants a stinky purse. Genius!

Available in a variety of colors and styles from this small evening bag to full-size purses, you'll find a purse to match every woman at the Annabis website.  

Annabis Odor Black purses for marijuana lovers

PS. Check out this link to learn more about the handcrafted Pot Pocket joint holder I stashed in my bag in the video.

PPS.  Check out Stock Pot Images here.

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