Puffco Peak Concentrate Vaporizer: Vape Review and Demo 

By Cheri Sicard
March 18, 2020

Without a doubt the Puffco Peak has to be the most stylish concentrate vaporizer around.  In fact, it’s so stylish it would blend right in with other items on a shelf as it kind of resembles an essential oil diffuser.  But it’s not!

The Puffco Peak works with concentrates only, meaning wax, shatter, budder, etc. (unlike the Dr. Dabber Switch that I reviewed a few weeks ago that can “Switch” between concentrates and flowers).  And I have to say it provides one the smoothest concentrate hits I’ve ever experienced and the other product testers I had try it agree.

Puffco Peak concentrate vaporizer in its case

There’s a lot I like about the Puffo Peak:

  • I love the stylish design aesthetic, the small size, and the fact that it all packs up into a small case (included with the Peak) about the size of a men’s toiletries kit for travel.
  • It has 4 preset heat settings that customize the user experience.
  • The Puffco Peak is easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • They offer some great optional upgrade accessories like the spill-proof glass atomizer for travel (pictured below) and a recycler glass option by Ryan Fitt that features a beautiful fluted inner-funnel and external intake tubes that provide greater water volume and improved filtration giving you a bigger, cooler, and more consistent hit. To be honest the standard Puffco Peak hit is one of the smoothest hits I have experienced, so in my opinion, as beautiful as the recycler glass is, this doesn’t really need improving.

Puffco Peak Traveler Glass accessory

And a couple of things I didn't like about the Puffco Peak

And there were a couple of things I was not so thrilled about:

  • As I said in the video, it can take a bit before you learn how to push the button to get the unit to heat up. Once I got it down I can do it every time, but it took some getting used to (and I was not the only one in our group).
  • Because the switch is flush with the unit, you have to feel for it and make sure you are pressing it dead center.
  • It is easy to forget to turn the unit off when you are finished seshing as, unless it is in heat mode, the subtle indicator lights are off. To be honest, it’s not the end of the world if you do this, but a separate on/off switch would be an improvement in my opinion.
  • The charging cord that comes with the Peak is RIDICULOUSLY short.  I mean like when I plug it in right next to the plug on the wall in my kitchen, I need to stand the unit on a stack of plates so it can reach the plug.  Sure, that's an easy fix, but come on, a charging cord should be more than 6 inches.

Those little gripes aside, I like the Peak a lot overall, largely because of the small size and the ultra-smooth concentrate hits it provides.  Learn more about the Puffco Peak at their website.

Puffco Peak cannabis concentrate vaporizer

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