Review: Purggo All Natural Bamboo Air Freshener 

By Cheri Sicard
January 10, 2024

The Purggo all natural air freshener uses activated bamboo charcoal to filter odors out of the air.

I was first pitched this product because I also write for an RV website.  True this is a great product for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles.  But, I also thought it would be of interest to my cannabis followers.  Providing it actually worked.

Purggo natural air freshener

I have to say I was skeptical.  So I wanted to put it to the test.  I went to visit my nephew and his wife and told them we had an important job: to hotbox the car!  

They were only too happy to help.  We hotboxed the hell out of the car.  We smoked two joints in there with the windows closed and got everything smokey.  We then locked it up and went our to dinner for a couple of hours.

Did it work?  Kind of, at this point.  After two hours you could no longer specifically identify a weed smell, but you could tell that somebody had been smoking something in the car.  To be sure, it was far, far, FAR less than how we left it but it wasn't perfect.

So we went to bed and I checked it out the next morning and smell was completely gone! Wow!

So yes, the Purggo natural air freshener does work, but don't expect it to be instant.  It's important to note this is not like an air freshener that masks one smell with another.  Instead the bamboo charcoal filters the air and neutralizes the odor entirely.  And that takes a little time.

So as long as you are not expecting instant results, the Purggo all natural air freshener is indeed impressive.  It lasts for a year or more and you can reactivate the charcoal along the way by letting it sit in bright sunlight for an hour.

Check out the Purggo all natural air freshener at Amazon.

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