Review of RYOT Dry + Smell Proof Backpack 

By Cheri Sicard
February 1, 2023

If you are looking for a LARGE smell proof bag, RYOT has got you covered with their Dry+ backpack.  Be sure to watch the video above for a closer look at everything this great bag offers.

Anyone familiar with water sports will be familiar with the heavy dry bag material used to construction this sturdy backpack.  The zippers all seal to keep moisture out and air in.  And with no air escaping, neither will odors, making this a smellproof backpack!

Inside is a separate SmellSafe carbon lined zipper tote bag for extra odor protection.

There are large and small sealing zippered packets on the outside, and additional pockets inside the bag too.

The top itself does not zipper closed, but rather folds down and can be cinched tightly with adjustable side buckles that simply snap closed.

This bag is enormous and could potentially transport pounds and pounds of weed, if that is your purpose.  I don't use it for that.  But I do use it to pack for weekend trips or camping trips. I keep cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia in the carbon lined inner bag, and pack clothes and toiletries in the rest of the bag.  Good to go and all in one piece of luggage!

Like all of RYOT's products, this one is high quality, well thought out, and made to last. 

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RYOT Dry + Smell Proof Backpack

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