Review: RYOT Snapper and Keychain Keepers let you smoke on the go 

By Cheri Sicard
June 12, 2024

Here are two great Stoner Stocking stuffers - in other words inexpensive yet useful gifts for yourself or the cannabis lover in your life. RYOT's Snapper portable smoking kit is an improvement over their original Keychain Keepers, smell proof and waterproof containers to take small amounts of weed on the go.  See my original review of the Keychain Keepers here.

While keychain keepers are just small secure containers, the Snapper kit takes it up to a new level.  Yes you still get a Tupperware-like secure container that is both smell proof and waterproof, but inside RYOT has packed in everything you need to smoke on the go, except the cannabis and a lighter.  You'll find a one-hitter pipe, rolling papers, and a poker.  Plus the underside of the lid is covered with small nubs that give you the capacity to grind your cannabis without carrying a grinder.

RYOT Snapper and Keychain Keepers portable smoking kits for cannabis, plus Cannabis Cheri Sicard

Both of these products make great gifts.  They are long enough to store pre-rolled joints.  The larger keychain keeper will even hold a lighter along with the cannabis.

Order from RYOT.  Use coupon code CHERI15 and save 15% off these and any other products from RYOT.

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