Cheri’s Favorite – RYOT Verb Dry Herb Vaporizer 

By Cheri Sicard
November 8, 2023

I have a new favorite vape!  Why is the RYOT Verb my new favorite vape?  Several reasons.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that when I vape, I prefer to vape flowers as opposed to oil and cartridges.  That’s because vape cartridges are often made with additives like propylene glycol, and beyond that we just have no idea about the long-term benefits or detriments of inhaling this.  So know that with the RYOT Verb vape, you are vaping actual cannabis flowers.

Beyond that, I absolutely LOVE its simplicity.  The RYOT Verb is quick, easy, and simple to use (I show you how in the video above). 

I have other vapes that unnecessarily complicate things, I can never remember what does what or how many times I need to push the button for this or that function.  Some even have apps to control them.

Call me old fashioned or boomer or just plain OLD, but I don’t want to use an app to vape!!! 

I want to put in flower, turn it on, vape my weed, and be done.  The RYOT Verb does that!

There are only 3 buttons.  The on/off switch.  Press 3 times to turn on, 3 times to turn off.  Up arrow and down arrow buttons adjust the temperature to your exact preferred vape sweet spot.  That’s all.  EASY!

The RYOT Verb delivers nice large hits too.  With some other flower vapes I have tried the hits always seemed a little on the puny side.  Not so with the Verb, which tends to make me reach for this one over and over again, even though I own a bunch of different brands of vapes.

I also like the tiny size and discreet nature of the Verb.

When it comes to cleaning, the Verb has a built in poker in order to dislodge anything that might get stuck while on the go.  Beyond that a little alcohol on a cotton swab if things get sticky and you are good to go again.

Like any vape, I wish it held a charge longer, but it holds it long enough.  I can get through a day and between 8-10 short sessions before needing to recharge, which it does quickly via a USB cable.

If you want an easy use, functional flower vape, it’s hard to beat the RYOT Verb.

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RYOT Verb dry herb vaporizer

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