Saber Vape Pen Review – Dabbing Without All the Paraphernalia 

By  Cheri Sicard

I am in love with the new Saber vape pen. No oil cartridges here, this pen vaporizes your favorite wax and shatter products so you get all the benefits of dabbing – a concentrated vaporized hit -- without having to buy an expensive glass dab rig and carry around a torch. The Saber is truly game changer!

There is so much I like about this vape. It’s sturdy and well made. It comes with two heating elements, both quartz coil and ceramic bowl, so users can choose which they like best or switch it up depending on what they are vaping (to learn more about the differences between quartz coil and ceramic vape heating elements, click here). There are three customizable heating ranges for superb control and the device is well ventilated and likewise draws exceptionally well.

We also found the Saber to be economical as it helped us get more use out of our concentrates. The amount I would usually use in my dab rig for one big hit produces 3 big hits in this vape!

So what’s the downside? It does tend to get warm pretty quickly. Personally I wish these things had easy off on switches instead of the press 5 times to turn on, 3 times to change setting etc. but that just seems to be how most vapes are made and once you get used to it it’s no big deal.

That said the Saber is a quality product that delivers a vape experience that's close to dabbing without although the bulky equipment. In my book that’s a very good thing.

Learn more or purchase a Saber Vape pen here.

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