Cannabis Cultivation Review: Sayhon Sunlike Series LED Grow Lights 

By Cheri Sicard
June 2, 2021

This Sayhon LED grow light might look like other LED grow lights we have reviewed in the past, but it has a couple of important differences:

  • It is true a true full spectrum light.
  • It comes at a bargain price.

Let's explore further.

Sayhon "Sunlike" LED Grow Lights put the FULL in Full Spectrum

Sayhon's unique design with its switchable supplement bar gives you both UVA and IR light.  This is an improvement we have seen over other brands as utilizing both IR and UVA can increase yield and quality‎.

You can adjust the intensity of the LED grow light output, giving your plants their ideal spectral ratios from seed to harvest, with Sayhon's dimming function which ranges from 5% to 100%.

Sayhon LED Grow Lights - Light Spectrum

Sayhon LED Grow Lights - A Bargain for Your Garden

I will first put in the disclaimer that, as we just got this light, we have not given it to our growers to put it to the true test yet (you'll have to come back later for that), but we have high hopes for it.  

This light is substantially less expensive than its competitors.  The lower cost is likely because Sayhon uses lesser known components, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  

For instance instead of Samsung diodes, these are OSRAM.  But, there is nothing wrong with OSRAM diodes, they are a quality product used by many LED manufacturers.  They simply have a little less name recognition with the masses.

Also, the driver on this light is not a name brand, however it is UL listed to ensure the highest quality and safety.

As Sayhon offers a 36-month warranty, to my mind it's worth giving them a try, especially as it will cost substantially less than other lights.  So that's exactly what we are going to do.  Come back later on for a follow-up on how it all worked out, or if you have had experience with this light already, let us know in the comments.

Sayhon LED Grow Light

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