Spider Farmer Grow Kit SF 1000Review and Assembly 

By Cheri Sicard
June 16, 2021

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NOTE: Be sure to watch the video above to watch us put this whole kit together.  

We were excited to check out the Spider Farmer Grow Kit because the SF 1000 kit is a perfect size for a beginner grower to get their cultivation feet wet while growing some quality cannabis.  

Also, small space gardeners take note!  

This SF 1000 Spider Farmer Grow kit is a great solution for someone that does not have much space, as it is small enough to tuck into most any closet or unused corner.

Again, be sure to watch the video as it goes into more details and shows you how to put it all together.  But in a nutshell...

What We Liked About the SF 1000 Spider Farmers Grow Kit

  • The kit contains everything you need to grow one or two plants, except for the cannabis itself, the soil or growing medium, and the nutrients.  This saves you time chasing around for the various components, and it is a good value for the money.  When buying a kit like this, you'll also know that everything fits and works well together.
  • We LOVED the high quality of the tent, especially the smooth zippers!  After struggling with hanging threads and sticking zippers from some other brands, the quality and craftsmanship on the Spider Farmer grow tent was a most pleasant surprise.
  • The kit contains a high quality full spectrum LED Spider Farmer Grow light with Samsung diodes and a Meanwell driver.  The light is both waterproof and silent.
  • The kit is easy to assemble without tools.
  • The small size can fit into most closets or almost any unused corner.  I'm 5'5" and the tent frame, as you can see in the photo below, is shorter than me.
Cheri Sicard standing inside the frame of the Spider Farmer grow tent

What We Don't Like About Spider Farmer's SF 1000 Grow Kit

Honestly, so far, there is nothing we don't like about the Spider Farmer grow kit.  Of course, we have not had time to put it to work yet, so you'll have to come back.  But it looks to be high quality, and the tent is better made than most.  

If I had any gripe at all, it's that there is no way to attach the fan to the hangers, but so far none of the kits we have checked out has that either.   I have no idea why that is, but a couple of zip ties fix the problem easily and hang the fan.  

Spider Farmer Indoor Cannabis Grow Kit

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