Marijuana Strain Reviews: Amethyst Rose – Delicious Complexity 

By  Cheri Sicard

 January 29, 2017

Amethyst Rose

This strain has a whole lot going on. Amethyst (a cross between Lavender and Afghani strains) was bred with Purple Urkle to produce one of my favorite standouts in the the 2016 Natural Cannabis’ Best of the Harvest Box (my sample came from Sonoma County's Zsa Zsa Farms).

The view under the scope showed small trichomes, but lots of them with a nice white frost covering the pale green bud.  The complex aroma reminded me of gingerbread of all things, before grinding.  After grinding the scent became more citrus and lemony with lots of grapefruit.  The flavor, surprisingly, was like none of the above and instead took on floral tones of lavender and rose.

This is a complex strain with the smell before and after grinding being drastically different, and the flavor distinctly different from either of these.  Well cured, Zsa Zsa Farms' Amethyst Rose delivered a nice smooth smoke, filled with nose tingling flavor.  Even though this is an indica dominant hybrid, the high was nice and balanced -- relaxing without being sleepy or couch-locked.  Perfect for most anytime!

Marijuana Strain Reviews - Amethyst Rose

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