Review: Tahoe Grinder Co – Strong, sturdy, American made 

By Cheri Sicard
October 25, 2023

If you are looking for a new cannabis grinder, the designer grinders from Tahoe Grinder Co, a small entrepreneurial American company, merit consideration.  Maybe.  I say maybe because some folks will love these strong grinders, others not so much.

I was recently RV camping in California’s gold country, coincidentally close to Tahoe Grinder Co’s shop.  They owners came to visit with some grinders for me to check out.

Tahoe grinder co shop

I love the weight and heft of these sturdy grinders.  The lids are magnetic and quickly snap closed and into place.

I also love the aesthetics of the etched lids and if you peruse the Tahoe Grinder Co website you will find a HUGE variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.  You can even have custom grinders made with your artwork or logo.

There is a grinder sized to every need.  My favorite of all is the square shaped one.  Not only is the shape unusual, it’s practical as it is easy to hold without slipping and packs away into a corner for storage with no wasted space.

I was skeptical of the claim that these grinders need cleaning less often but that has indeed been the case.  I have smoking sticky weed and lots of it for months and my grinders still is not gummed up (see video above).

What can be improved?

Tahoe grinder co cannabis grinders

I would not go so far as to say these are improvements as much as personal preferences.  The owners of Tahoe grinders want 100% of the herbs they grind in their pipes, joints, or vapes.  Likewise, Tahoe grinders do not have kief screens built in.  This may or may not matter to you.

Also, while the grinders grind well, they produce a fairly coarsely grounds herb.  If you prefer your cannabis finely ground, these may not be the grinders for you. 

Personally I like the coarse even grind they produce, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Learn more about Tahoe Grinder Co’s grinders here.

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