The ULTIMATE in Marijuana Gifts — The Best of the Harvest Box

Best of the Harvest Sampler Pack from Natural Cannabis Co

Best of the Harvest Sampler Pack from Natural Cannabis Co

Marijuana Sampler Pack Showcases the Best of the Harvest from Small Artisan Growers

WOW when it comes to marijuana gifts, it doesn’t get any better than Natural Cannabis Co’s Best of the Harvest Sampler Box, even if the recipient is yourself! This is a like a huge box of chocolates except instead of chocolates the box is filled with 28 gram size jars of top shelf marijuana from some of the finest artisan growers in Northern California!

I was blown away by this incredible assortment and you can best believe I will be on the lookout to pick up this extremely limited edition assortment next year too. Natural Cannabis Co originally created 500 boxes, but they flew out door, so they created more. I am told supply is down to less than 100 and when they are gone they are gone, until next year anyway.

Best of the Harvest Sampler Box from northern California's Natural Cannabis Co

Best of the Harvest Sampler Box from northern California’s Natural Cannabis Co

The box celebrates the best from small independent Northern California farms, some who have been producing top quality strains for generations. In general I have been loving the trend towards treating cannabis like fine wines and this box is a fabulous example of the care, passion, and love of the plant that is exhibited by these small artisan growers.

Having the box is also educational. The general public rarely gets the opportunity to compare and contrast so many different strains – it’s kind of like being a competition judge! Similar to wine tasting, the only way to become an expert is to partake of a lot of different types and this box gives a fabulous variety.  And like a box of fine chocolates, each offering is explained and detailed.

There were some standouts. I might just have to go back for more Purple Pineapple from Eel River Farms, Jack Herer from Stoney Mountain Farms and Gorilla Glue #4 from Good Life Farms next time I am up near one of Natural Cannabis Co’s locations in Oakland, Hopland, or Santa Rosa.

Standouts aside, we were more than adequately impressed with every one of the samples included. None were shabby and most were excellent.

At $190.00 this box is a bargain! You are getting an ounce (28 different grams) of top shelf cannabis, with tasting notes, all packaged in an elegant gift worthy box. Get them while they last and don’t forget about it come harvest season next year!


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