ViparSpectra 2 Room Grow Tent Review and Assembly 

By Cheri Sicard
May 12, 2021

Check out the video for our comments about this great grow tent, plus a quick demo of just how easy it is to put together.

In nutshell for those in a hurry, for our ViparSpectra 2 Room Grow Tent review, below is why we liked this particular cannabis grow tent so much.

What We Like About the ViparSpectra 2 Room Grow Tent:

  • 2 rooms lets you have plants in both veg and flower states at the same time in the same tent.
  • 2 rooms facilitate keeping a continuous crop going for consistent harvests.  Once you transfer your vegging plants to the flower room, it's time to start new clones so they will be ready as soon as you harvest the current crop.
  • The veg room is large enough to propagate for other grow tents besides just this one, or to get plants ready for an outdoor grow.
  • The ViparSpectra 2 Room Grow Tent is very easy to assemble with no tools! (see the video for a demo)
  • It comes with easy to read and follow instructions, and all pieces are well marked and simple to identify.
  • There are lots of ventilation windows and options.
  • Separate "floors" in both rooms protect your home floors against leaking.
  • Viewing window in the front allows you to get a peak at the girls without opening the whole tent.
  • It's the perfect tent for one of our favorite grow lights the Vipar-Spectra XS 2000.
  • The tent is available in several sizes to meet the needs and space confinements of different growers.

What We Did Not Like About The Vipar-Spectra 2 Room Grow Tent

I only have one critique about this grow tent, and that is the sewing/construction.  There are lots of loose threads, so you need to take care when zipping and unzipping in order not to get them caught in the zipper (or take the time to trim them all).  It's not impossible to work with with, but you do need to take care.

What Else You'll Need

Of course, to actually put this cannabis grow tent to use you will need marijuana plants, either grown from seeds or clones, and your necessary nutrients (topics for other posts).

In addition, you will need a ventilation/air filtration System like this one.

Naturally, you will also need a light.  We are big fans of  Vipar-Spectra's XS 2000 LED grow light that we reviewed in another video.

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Vipar-Spectra 2 in 1 Grow Tent

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