Trikom Treats M&M Brownie — Product Review


Trikom treats M&M Marijuana BrownieWhile the gourmet in me acknowledges an M&M Brownie is not usually high on my list of desired treats, there are times when the kid in me loves these types of retro bake sale staples.  When you seek to be culinarily  transported back to childhood, accompanied by a distinctively adult buzz, you could do no better than Trikom Treats version.

I was warned not to eat the whole thing because it is so powerful, but I’ve been so warned on countless occasions only to have the recommended dosage not deliver on expectations.

I know I have a freakishly high tolerance to cannabis — I even survived a week as an edibles judge at the High Times Cannabis Cup with relative ease.  I also hate doing what I’m told.  So of course I ate the whole thing.

And I had a great time.  But when an edible is on the border of too much for me, I am aware it would lay most folks out under the table.  No matter, these brownies come with excellent labeling including full nutritional breakdown and lab testing from The Werc Shop, one of the most reputable cannabis testing companies out there.  With so much detailed information it’s simple to titrate a reasonable dosage for your needs.

The challenge will be to avoid eating more than you need because they taste so darn good.  The texture successfully straddles the line between cakey and fudgey, offering the best of both worlds — not too heavy but substantial enough to satisfy a brownie craving.  The flavor of the chocolate is rich and the flavor of the cannabis minimal (just as I like it), especially considering the potency of 100.9 mg THC.

The buzz was upbeat and creative – the type of high that makes you continually get distracted by new ideas and stimuli.  For instance, even though I set out to do some cooking in the kitchen, I just had to stop and write this review.

I rarely buy edibles because, as the author of  The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook, I usually make my own, and also because I have been disappointed by so many commercial edibles.  Not so with Trikom Treats.  I will be going back for more!

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