Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Making Tinctures; Marijuana Infused Strawberry Recipes! 

By  Cheri Sicard

 May 2, 2019


Hi Everyone!

Wow, what a week!  My friend Antonio Bascaro, 84, the world’s longest serving marijuana prisoner, was finally released from prison after serving 39 years for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense.  There was unexpected good news besides the release, instead of having to go to a halfway house, Antonio was sent out to serve the remainder of his sentence on house arrest with his family.  I recently wrote about Antonio and other marijuana lifers for Cannabis Aficionado. I will more have more stories to share about this fascinating man, a veteran of the Bay of Pigs, in our next issue.  In the meantime, I am wishing Antonio and his family much happiness.  They have a lot of catching up to do!

Antonio Bascaro, the longest serving marijuana prisoner, is one of many marijuana prisoners waiting for justice reform.
Antonio Bascaro, the longest serving marijuana prisoner

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Ask Cheri: Advice on Making Cannabis Tinctures

Cheri Sicard
Dear Cheri,

I recently signed up for your online cooking course and I’m interested in making an alcohol tincture. Here is my question.   You say that you pour the 1 cup of Everclear into the cannabis and then let it sit for 3 or 4 days.    I have a friend that puts the jar in the freezer for one hour and then strains it into a dish.   Do you know of this method and what is your knowledge on it?   Is it less effective than letting it sit for 3 – 4 days?
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Strawberry Season Is Upon Us!

marijuana recipes, vegan strawberry banana smoothie

Depending on where you live, luscious fresh strawberries are already showing up in the markets.  Here are some terrific medicated recipes that will help you put them to good use!

Marijuana Recipes - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cannabis Cheri Sicard


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  • Hello, my name is Nadia and I wanted to know if there was a way for me to make oils for the hair and body using marijuana such as for pain, acne, hair grown?

    • Yes. I have a new online course about making topicals coming out soon. As for hair, be careful. There is not a lot of research, but some early research shows that THC might cause hair loss, while CBD might help hair growth. more study is needed, but some early studies do indicate that.

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