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How to use topical cannabis most effectively 

By Cheri Sicard
May 10, 2023

Dear Cheri,

What is the most effective way to use topical cannabis?  I've been getting some great results with some cannabis salves, but they are very expensive.  So I want to make sure I am using them in such a way that I am getting the most out of them that I possibly can.

That's a great question and there are things you can do to help the effectiveness of the topical cannabis you use.  But to a degree this is also going to depend on why you are using topical cannabis in the first place.  

For instance, someone with a stress headache may find relief for a simple one time application to the temples and/or neck.  Someone suffering from menstrual cramps might best benefit from a cannabis infused bath.  And someone with chronic arthritis will probably need to reapply every few hours.

So why you are using topicals will matter.

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Tips to help you get maximum relief from cannabis topicals:

Take a hot bath or shower first:

With or without cannabis in the mix, this tips can help you can more out of all topical products.  When you take a hot bath or shower first you open your pores which helps you absorb more of the topical products.

Layer on topical cannabis products:

A lot of people report greater and longer lasting relief by layering topical cannabis products.  This is especially true for those with chronic pain and inflammatory pain conditions.

What do I mean by layering topical cannabis products?

Using more than one at a time.   For instance, a soak in a cannabis infused bath, followed by applying a topical cannabis salve or body butter.

Topical cannabis need not be expensive!

Buying topical cannabis products at a dispensary can indeed get pricey.  But you can slash the cost by two-thirds or more by making cannabis topicals yourself.  It's fun and easy.

In fact, the high cost of topicals are what lead me to create my DIY Cannabis Topicals online course.  One of my readers, an elderly gentleman, was having trouble affording the pain relieving salve he had been treating his arthritis with.  He now makes it himself for a fraction of the cost and has even been gifting friends with it.

Making your own infused salves, body butter, bath bombs, lip balms, and more is lots of fun, highly therapeutic and can save you big bucks.  My easy online course will show you how!

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