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Cannabis and Testosterone: Does Weed Lower Testosterone? 

By Lanny Swerdlow
April 30, 2020

Do cannabis and testosterone have a connection?  Does weed use lower testosterone levels?  Does THC affect testosterone levels at all?  Let's explore.

Testosterone is a topic of major discussion and with good reason. It is the key male sex hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. When testosterone levels drop, which is very common as men age, sexual dysfunction and even infertility can occur.

Women also have testosterone except it is called androgen which produces new blood cells, enhances libido and influences follicle-stimulating hormones which affect reproduction.

It's not that women cannot have low androgen levels, but it seems all the hype surrounding testosterone seems to center around men which shouldn't be so surprising cause men always want everything to center around them. That is why there is a veritable cornucopia of ads promoting all kinds of medications that will increase testosterone levels in men.

Succumbing to the lure of increased virility men shell out over $1.5 billion dollars a year for all kinds of remedies most of which are bogus.

Cannabis and Testosterone Study: A Surprise Remedy?

Now however there might be a remedy that actually works and surprise, surprise - it's cannabis.

Researchers from the University of Chicago, the University of Miami, and John Hopkins University evaluated the relationship between past-year cannabis use and testosterone levels in a crop of current male cannabis consumers.

Published in the World Journal of Urology, the study found that

"Men who reported smoking THC in the last year on average had a higher T (testosterone level) compared to those who did not report using THC."

Unless the men who reported no THC ingestion were liars, the study concluded there was a “small but statistically significant increase in T among regular THC users at any measured level of use, compared to non-regular THC users.”

What is of interest is the subjects who reported using cannabis at least two or three times per month possessed the greatest differences compared to non-users. To read the original study CLICK HERE.

It doesn’t take much of an increase in testosterone levels to make a difference when levels are low. Unfortunately, the report did not examine what the effect of the increased levels of testosterone had on the study’s participants.

Now I am not saying that if you are having any kind of sexual dysfunctions that consuming cannabis is going to solve them, but a reasonable ingestion of cannabis sure wouldn’t hurt.

Be sure to also check out the article I authored titled Is THC an Aphrodisiac, which explains how the cannabinoids in cannabis affect sexual desire, response, and pleasure.

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