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Are Edibles Safe for Seniors? 

By Cheri Sicard
December 7, 2022

Dear Cheri,

Are edibles safe for seniors? I have been trying to get my mother to try medical marijuana.  She does not want to smoke but she might be open to trying edibles.  I have not had great experiences with edibles in the past and worry she might not either.  What are your thoughts?

The short answer is, yes, I think edibles are safe and therapeutic for seniors, IF they are in the proper dosage.  And that goes for seniors as well as anyone else.  Dosage matters.

When it comes to your mother (or any other individual), I will put in the disclaimer that I am not a doctor and I do not know what other conditions she might be dealing with.  So you will want to investigate further, as medical patients are whole beings and other conditions or drugs they might be taking might also matter.

That said, edibles can be safe and therapeutic for people of all ages.  I am not going to discuss children here, as cannabis pediatrics is a different and complex topic.  However, in all instances with edibles, regardless of age, dosing is key.  

You said you have had negative experiences with edibles, which prompted you to ask the question, "are edibles safe for seniors."

 I suspect that your negative experience is likely because you consumed too high a dose.  Cannabis dosing is HIGHLY individualized.  Five milligrams of THC is plenty for some people, while 100 milligrams will not be enough for others.  Most people are between those two extremes.

So in order for your mother, or anyone new to edibles, to have a good experience with them, it is important to start with a low dose and work upwards (or possibly downwards) to an ideal amount for you.  Then when you make edibles (or buy them) you will know what dosage works best. 

These resources can help you.

What to do if you eat too much marijuana

Leef Organics CBD Tincture

One thing I always suggest when introducing someone to cannabis edibles for the first time, is to have some CBD on hand.  CBD tincture is good, or CBD breath spray also works well. 

Why do you want CBD on hand?  Because it almost instantly counters the effects of too much THC.  I am surprised at how many people, even in the “cannabis industry” do not know this. 

A few drops of CBD tincture under the tongue or a spray or two of CBD break spray and you will start feeling relief from that uncomfortable too high feeling.

When it comes to CBD, quality definitely matters.  One brand I always recommend is Leef Organics.

For more things to do for quick relief, if you eat too much cannabis, check out this post.

Dietary restrictions and edibles

Are edibles safe for seniors?

Another thing to keep in mind for a positive edibles experience is any dietary restrictions the person may have.  And seniors tend to have more of these than most people.

So dietary restrictions and the types of edibles served are another consideration that needs to be taken into account when you ask, "Are edibles safe for seniors."

Whatever the dietary restriction, however, there is no problem.  Contrary to popular opinion you can medicate almost food, not just gummies, cookies, and brownies.  

Check out our recipe archive here for hundreds of edibles options of ALL kinds!

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