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Can I Sell Edibles at Farmers Markets in Legal States? 

By Cheri Sicard
April 7, 2021

Dear Cheri,

I need to know: can I sell edibles at farmers markets?  If so, how much can I sell my edibles for?  

I guess I am asking, in a country/state where weed is legal, if a person is selling baked goods that use weed as one of their ingredients, is that person selling baked goods or is that person selling weed? And can that person be arrested for selling these types of baked goods?

Seeing as all of the ingredients are legal, my opinion would be, no, the baked goods would not be illegal.  But that's an opinion. Do you have the facts?  

Can you sell edibles at farmers markets?  I wish it were so, but I am sorry to burst that bubble.  

Selling marijuana edibles at your local farmer’s market would be 100% not legal in ANY US (or Canadian) jurisdiction that I know of.  

Yes, you could get arrested.  Not only could you get yourself in a whole lot of trouble, you could get your entire Farmer's Market shut down too.

I can't imagine any market that would knowingly let a vendor sell marijuana edibles. Now, that is not to say it is never done on the sly.

I saw one such incident in San Diego a couple of years ago and my friend who lives there said this woman does it regularly. But it is a very dumb thing to do in my opinion and very disrespectful and irresponsible in regards to the market too.

Marijuana Is Not Really Legalized!

You have to understand that when headlines say that marijuana is "legalized" it is not really legalized at all.  It is regulated and very highly regulated at that. There are MAJOR obstacles and hoops to jump through in order to legally sell any kind of cannabis product. WAY more than any other business.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a casual home based marijuana business, that is also legal. (At least in this point of our history and I would not expect that to change in any of our lifetimes, sadly.) The closest you could come to that, and consult an attorney in your area, would be private dinners or chef's services or home parties. Even this would not be allowed in many areas, but it is in some.

All that said, if you are still interested in pursuing a legal cannabis business, Debby Goldsberry's excellent book "Starting and Running a Marijuana Business," is a good place to start your journey.  A true OG in the cannabis world, Debby knows her stuff and sugar coats nothing in this invaluable guide.

Edward Forchion: Challenging the System

Edward Forchion AKA NJ Weedman

Now one of my personal cannabis heroes, Edward Forchion - AKA NJ Weedman, is definitely pushing those boundaries and putting it to the test in New Jersey. But this is activism and Ed is fully prepared to (and wants to) fight his case in court.

Edward Forchion knows he could get arrested.  In fact, he is almost daring law enforcement to do so.

Ed is doing all of this to change the laws and status quo of corporate weed takeovers that leave out the people who have been fighting for these freedoms and who have been incarcerated for these freedoms.

What Edward Forchion is prepared to take on for the cause is not for the faint of heart or the average Joe. Although if EVERYONE did it, what could the powers that be do? Learn more about NJ Weedman's crusade here.

Title card: Can I sell marijuana edibles at farmer's markets in legal states?

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