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Can you eat raw cannabis leaves? 

By Cheri Sicard
October 18, 2023

Dear Cheri,

Can I eat raw cannabis leaves without cooking it first?  I was thinking this would be convenient.  Instead of making edibles I could, for instance, add some chopped fresh leaves to a salad.  What do you think?

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 Yes you can, and raw cannabis leaves are in fact extremely nutritious and loaded with antioxidants.  However don’t expect much of a high, if any.

Why?  Because raw fresh leaves contain no THC.  They contain the acidic form of this cannabinoid, THC-A, which is not psychoactive.  It takes age and/or heat to create the chemical process called decarboxylation that changes the THC-A to psychoactive THC.

Click here for my full decarboxylation tutorial including why it’s so important and how to do it.

That said, raw leaves offer a nutritional powerhouse.  They are in fact a superfood.

You can chop them up to add to salads.  You can also juice them, although be sure to use a masticating juicer (like used for wheat grass).  Cannabis leaves will quickly gum up and ruin a regular juicer.

If you grow your own, you can juice the fresh leaves, then freeze in ice cubes trays for later.  Add a cube or to two smoothies to boost the nutritional content.

So yes you can eat raw cannabis for its exceptional nutritional value but no it won’t make you high.

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