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How ALL Marijuana Recipes Are Lying To You (Even Mine) 

By Cheri Sicard
January 29, 2020

You read that right. ALL marijuana recipes, no matter how good they are, are lying to you. Even my own recipes on this website, in my cookbooks, and in my magazine articles are not telling you the entire story.

What is it these recipes are misleading you about? The most important part. The part that tells you how much marijuana, or marijuana butter, or oil, etc. to use.

Shocking right?

In a few seconds I will show you exactly what I mean, but before that, let me ask you these crucial questions:

  • Are you tired of making marijuana edibles and just hoping for the best (and the fearing the worst) when it comes to dosing them?
  • Do you regularly make marijuana edibles that are either so strong they knock you out or conversely so weak they don’t deliver the effects you need?
  • Do you wish there was an easy way to know what to expect from a homemade edible BEFORE you make it or consume it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. I get emails from readers of my website and viewers of my YouTube channel every day who have the exact same issues.  When I first learned to cook with cannabis, I too was in that same position.

I did not always have dosing dialed in. In fact one of my first experiments making edibles caused almost all of my friends to sleep through an entire 3-day music festival.  Some of them had such a bad experience with too much marijuana, they will still not eat edibles to this day.

I then proceeded to over compensated so much with the next batch that they had no discernible effects at all.

I have learned A LOT since those days. Starting with the fact that there is simply no such thing as an ideal cannabis dose that works for everyone.

This is why I say that marijuana recipes are lying to you when they tell you how much cannabis to use.

Nowadays, I always know what to expect from any batch of edibles I make. And I have taught the exact same skills to tens of thousands of cannabis cooks.

What Is the Solution to Dosing Dilemmas in Marijuana Recipes?

So what’s the quickest and easiest way to get a handle on the trickiest part of cannabis cooking?

Use my handy dosage calculators that do all the math for you and make it simple to adjust any recipe to your specifications and needs with the click of a few keys.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. If those recipes are lying to me about the amount of marijuana I should use, how will I know how much I actually need?

No worries. The mini dosing course that comes with the calculators shows you how to determine that too.

Read more details at this link so that you fully understand why tens of thousands of cannabis cooks are relying on these revolutionary tools every time they cook with marijuana, and why you should too.

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About the author

  • First and foremost, Peace, Love , & Happiness to you Cheri!
    Anyone wishing to take up the art of cooking with cannabis needs your courses.
    Now to my comment.
    Living in a state that is Non-Legal, we aren’t afforded the dispensaries that have flower with the potency already listed on the label.
    The portable devise you can purchase is upward $900.00. It can get you close but still not accurate.
    So, quality control comes into play. I have some “Canna Butter Girls”, (Willy Nelson has his “High Girls!”, LOL, who test the batch and decide the serving sizes before the guest arrive.
    For future edible items we then can adjust our measurement when using that same batch of canna butter.
    That’s the only way we have now until we can get legal around here.
    Do you have any other way to share with us to gauge the THC potency of the flower?
    Thanks for taking the time to look this over, Your the best!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

      Yes, both my free dosing class and my dosage calculators come with a lesson that teaches you how to estimate the THC percentage in your cannabis. It’s not that difficult to do. Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate CBD, but THC is quite do-able. People that use the calculators that have double-checked with labs later say they are always on the money or within a point or two.

      Find the classes at

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