How to Determine Your Personal Ideal Marijuana Edibles Dosage 

By  Cheri Sicard

There simply is NO SUCH THING as a single ideal marijuana edibles dosage that works for everyone!

This fact continually frustrates budding cannabis cooks (pun intended) who want an easy answer to  how to get a safe dosage for marijuana edibles.

We hear a lot of fear mongering from politicians and in the mainstream media about cannabis edibles dosages.

States are imposing arbitrary dosage caps (usually 10 mgs. per serving). The media is filled will terror inducing tales about people eating too much marijuana and going to the emergency room.  Not necessary!  Please read this article on what to do if you or someone you know ingests too much marijuana, before you involve an expensive and unnecessary emergency room visit.

Despite all that hype, the truth is, the majority of the emails I get about dosing are from readers who are underdosed and not feeling anything from their edibles!

The fact is, everyone’s marijuana edibles dosage needs and tolerance ranges are different. And not just a little bit different. DRASTICALLY different.

That 10 mg cap will be too much for some people and they might only need 5 mgs or even 2 mgs.   At the same time 100 mgs. will not be enough for other folks. Most people will be somewhere between these two extremes.

How Much Marijuana: Testing Your Cannabis Tolerance

In my comprehensive online cannabis cooking coursein my free online dosing class and included with my dosing calculators, as well as in The Easy Cannabis Cookbook, I teach you how to calculate a per milligram dose of THC for your homemade edibles, as well as how to adjust your recipes in order to get the dosage you need.  

But those numbers do not mean a thing if you do not actually know what your personal marijuana edibles dosage needs are.  

So how do you go about finding out? By testing your own tolerance.  Here’s how.

If you live in a place where you can buy commercial edibles, choose a lab-tested brand with a reputation for consistency, such as Cheeba Chews, or Kiva. Alternately you can use homemade edibles to test your tolerance level, but first you will need to determine the amount of THC in your edibles by using the formula in my free online dosing class.

Once you know the amount of THC in your food, begin by eating a small 5 mg dose.   If you are brand new to edibles or consider yourself a marijuana lightweight, and there is no shame in either, start with a 2.5 mg dose.

Make a note of how you feel a few hours later. If you feel good, then this was easy and you have found your ideal dose.   If not, wait until the next day and try eating a dose that’s 5 more (10 mgs. if you are ore experienced or know you have a higher tolerance).

Continue increasing day after day until you find a dosage amount that makes you feel good. Avoid the temptation to eat more if you feel you didn’t eat enough at first, as a lot of people get into trouble this way as by the time it all hits it’s too much.

Keep in mind the point of the exercise is to find a comfortable therapeutic dose, not to get baked out of your mind. 

If that happens and you accidentally ingest too much, read the article on what to do if you eat too much marijuana. In fact, you should read that article BEFORE doing this experiment.

Once you have determined what your individual ideal marijuana edibles dosage it is, it’s an easy task to portion out your edibles according to what will make you feel good. Or make your own edibles according to the dosage that best suits your needs.

But keep in mind, everyone is different, so your ideal marijuana edibles dosage may be quite different from your spouse’s, or your best friend’s, or your mother’s, etc. Why not share this exercise with them too, so everyone knows what they need. 

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