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How to Increase Potency When Cooking with Cannabis Trimmings 

By Cheri Sicard
October 7, 2020

Dear Cheri,

 I’ve grown 18 very nice plants that have rooted and become exceptional cannabis plants. In the process prior to harvesting the buds, we accumulated a whole lot of trimmings. It’s second quality not like the dried and cured buds now. We have experience making cookies in the past with store bought top shelf cannabis and of course this was great.  But when we tried to make cookies with the cannabis trimmings, the THC value was quite mild even when eating a full big cookie. Do you have any thoughts on how to increase the potency when cooking with cannabis trimmings? 

Congratulations on a successful harvest!

The trimmings you are talking about are going to have a much lower potency, so you are going to want to use a lot more of them than you would when cooking with flowers.  When I cook with this kind of material I will only use enough butter or oil to cover the plant material, plus just a little more.  In other words, the most plant material and the least infusion material as I can get away with and still have a viable infusion.

Another tip would be to mix some trimmings with some stronger material.  This might mean some trimming and some flowers or you could alternately increase potency by adding some concentrates like kief, hash, hash oils, RSO, or FECO to the mix.  ,Either of these techniques will stretch your cooking stash while augmenting the potency of the trim.

You can find more ideas on increasing potency in edibles this article.
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