How to Make FECO in the POT by NOIDS: 2 Different Methods 

By Cheri Sicard
February 15, 2023

In this post and its videos we are going to demonstrate how to make FECO, meaning full extract cannabis oil, in the POT by NOIDS.  In fact we show you 2 different methods for making this versatile cannabis concentrate. 

(Spoiler alert: If you are looking for the healing power of RSO or Rick Simpson oil you are DEFINITELY going to want to pay attention to this post!  More on why below.)

The POT by NOIDS is our new favorite cooking gadget.  It perfectly decarboxylates your cannabis, makes infusions like CannaButter and Cannaoil for making edibles. But most exciting of all, it is a cannabis oil maker that can easily, neatly, and most importantly, safely make FECO or full extract cannabis oil.

The ability to make small personal amounts of FECO makes this gadget a real game changer, and sets it light years apart from other decarboxylators and infusers on the market.




FECO Maker

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FECO vs RSO: Are FECO and RSO the same thing?

While RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a style of FECO, FECO is not necessarily Rick Simpson Oil. 

However both RSO and FECO in theory act the same ways and have the same curative powers.  

So if you were looking for Rick Simpson oil, how to make RSO, how to use RSO, know that the instructions on this page for how to make FECO will serve you well.  

Especially because you can get the same healing results with FECO in a far safer way than RSO.

Why is FECO safer than Rick Simpson oil?

Because it uses a food grade alcohol as a solvent.  Rick Simpson used naphthene, a known carcinogen to make his cannabis concentrate.  It was all he could get and desperate times called for desperate measures. 

Sure, in theory all the solvent will be gone after making RSO, but lab tests have shown this is not always the case. 

The bottom line is, if you are looking for the healing power of RSO you will find it in FECO in a cleaner, safer package.

Nonetheless the public seems to think RSO and FECO are the same things and often, albeit incorrectly, use the terms RSO, Rick Simpson oil, FECO, and full extract cannabis oil interchangeably.

In this post, we want to be accurate and will henceforth use the terms FECO or full extract cannabis oil to refer to cannabis oil made with food grade alcohol. 

But again, know that is you are looking for the healing power of RSO, this will provide it without the need of using a potentially toxic solvent.

To learn more about Rick Simpson, his famous cannabis concentrate oil, and how he used it to cure his cancer, the full length documentary Run From the Cure is available to watch for free on YouTube.

How are  FECO making Methods # 1 and #2 different?

The two videos on this page show two different methods for how to make FECO in the POT by NOIDS.  Method #1 (above) is what the manufacturer recommends, as this is what is in the instructions that came with the machine.

Method #2 (below) more closely resembles the methods used by most concentrates makers.

  • Method 1 uses decarboxylated cannabis. Method 2 will not be decarboxylated.
  • Method 1 uses room temperature alcohol and cannabis.  With Method 2 we will store both our cannabis and the alcohol in the freezer for several hours before beginning.
  • The cannabis gets a long 3-hour soak in alcohol in Method 1.  In Method #2 we will only soak the cannabis in alcohol for 3 minutes.

IMPORTANT Safety information about making FECO in the POT by NOIDS

  • NEVER EVER EVER use isopropyl or denatured alcohol.  Always uses food grade alcohol ONLY to make FECO.  See more about alcohol below.
  • Alcohol is a flammable liquid.  The POT by NOIDS evaporates it at a very temperature.  Nonetheless, you should always make FECO in a well ventilated space with windows open.  
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher handy just in case is not a bad idea for maximum safety.  
  • Always keep open flames FAR away from your alcohol and tinctures.
  • Making cannabis concentrates with solvents can have serious legal ramifications and where you live can matter when it comes to the law and its enforcement.  Be sure to check the laws where you live and proceed (or not) accordingly.

What kind of alcohol do I need for making FECO and where do I get it?

Culinary Solvent, food grade alcohol

As I said above it is crucially important to NEVER use isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) or any kind o denatured alcohol when making FECO.  Stick for food grade alcohol ONLY.

High-proof grain alcohol has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 75.5% to 99%.  In other words it is 151 to 190+ proof.  The higher the proof the better in it is for making FECO.

Grain and cane alcohols are known as neutral spirits as they have no flavor.

If you can get Everclear in your state, this works well.  You can also use other types of food grade alcohol such as the cane alcohol I get at botanica stores in Mexico.  

Unfortunately, Everclear and other high proof alcohols are outlawed in many states.  But you might be able to mail order them.   The folks at Culinary Solvent are a small Mom and Pop company that make terrific products and ship to most states.  

Most?  Yes, not all states allow, and some states require you to fill out some simple paperwork.  Otherwise a road trip might be in order.  As you can see from the map at their website, you are never too far from a legal state (and for once we are not talking about cannabis).

DISCOUNT on Food Grade Alcohol

Enter the coupon code CHERI at the Culinary Solvent website for a 10% discount on pints, quarts, or  gallons of their fabulous Culinary Solvents (excludes bulk 5 gallon jugs and bigger. 

Sourcing proper alcohol, depending on where you live, might be one of your biggest challenges in FECO making.  Luckily the POT by NOIDS allows you to reclaim most of the alcohol you use so it can be used again and again.  Likewise, a single bottle should last you a LONG time.

Even if you can readily source high proof food grade alcohol, this feature will still save you money.

How do you use FECO?

Designer joint made with FECO

FECO is a handy and versatile cannabis form to have on hand.  How can you use it?  Let’s count the ways!

  • Smoke it – Put a dab on the cannabis in your pipe, or smear a thin layer on your rolling paper before rolling a joint, then light up for a turbo charged smoke.
  • Dab it – use a dab rig of your choice and dab/vaporize that concentrate.
  • Make tinctures – dissolve in food grade alcohol or MCT coconut oil and use as a sublingual or edible tincture.
  • Make edibles – Add to edibles to up their dosage, or forgo infusions and just medicate with concentrate.
  • Make topicals – Dissolve in topical carrier oil for super strong cannabis topicals.
  • Dip it — Do what I do and dip a vitamin to pick up a small but of FECO and swallow down.  Quick and easy concentrated cannabis!
  • Roll a designer joint — David Silverstone of Silver Dragon Cannabis rolled the beauty in the photo above.  To do so he rolled a joint, then warmed his FECO to make it more liquid.  He then used a small clean paint brush to paint a spiral of FECO on the outside of the joint, then rolled it all in dry ice kief.  Super strong and pretty, these designer joints make great DIY gifts!

How to make FECO in the POT by NOIDS Method 1

How to make FECO Method 1

For both of our FECO making experiments I started with 7 grams or a quarter ounce of the same strain of cannabis.  I don’t know what the strain was as it was grown by a friend and given to me, but it was a decent quality cannabis. 

I ground the cannabis in the same way I would if I was rolling a joint.  I did not finely grind it or use a food processor because my goal is to keep as much plant material out of my finished FECO as possible.

For method 1 we are using what is often known as a Green Dragon tincture.  Meaning it is made with decarbed cannabis and given a long soak.  Of course I used the POT by NOIDS to easily and perfectly decarb my cannabis.  Be sure to watch the video at the top of this page for a full demo.

  • Place room temperature decarbed cannabis into the glass beaker of the POT by NOIDS.  Cover the cannabis with room temperature food grade alcohol plus an extra 1/4 –inch or so.  Stir and allow the mixture to soak for about 3 hours.
  • After three hours, use the strainer lid that came with the POT by NOIDs.  Be sure to watch the video cause if you do this the wrong way (like I did the first time) you are going to make a big mess and waste your tincture.  Be gentle when pushing the plunger down and use the strainer upside down over a receptacle.  WATCH THE VIDEO!
  • Clean out the glass beaker and dry thoroughly.
  • Pour the strained tincture back into the cleaned beaker and place it in the machine.
  • Attach the curved accessory by pushing into onto the straining lid.  Cover the POT and gently push the plunger down until it is slightly above the level of liquid.  Be careful with this and watch the video lest you make the same mistake I did the first time waste your tincture.   Turn on the machine to evaporation mode.  Place a glass or other receptacle under the spout to collect the alcohol so you can use it again.

The POT by NOIDS will sense when the alcohol is low and shut itself off. 

Their instructions need updating.  I found it shut off with a little more alcohol left than I would have liked.  This is not necessarily a bad thing as liquid tincture is easier to get out than sticky FECO, but it was slightly too much liquid.

 What I did that worked well was to start a new evaporation cycle.  Because there was so little liquid, this also shut itself off within a half hour or so.  That extra time got rid of enough alcohol so that I could pour the little that was left into the upside down flat silicone lid that comes with the POT.

Once you have this concentrated tincture in the lid, let it air dry for 24 hours or more until ALL the alcohol has evaporated.  Use a dab tool or blunt knife, such as a butter knife, to scrape up all the FECO and put it in a small container.  Your FECO is now ready to use!

Again, the demonstration in the video shows all.


If you prefer a concentrated tincture to a thick sticky cannabis concentrate, simply stop the machine earlier in the evaporation process.  You can use the resulting alcohol FECO tincture sublingually, or mixed into food or even topicals.




FECO Maker

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How to Make FECO Method 2

Method 2, in theory, makes a more refined FECO.  We only soak in alcohol for 3 minutes.  We used very cold alcohol and we also froze our plant material.  These steps help the trichomes break off easier.  And we used cannabis that was not decarboxylated.  All that said, the differences were not as pronounced as we would have thought.  Watch the video and check it out for yourself.

How to make FECO method 2

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