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Making Glycerin Tinctures with FECO or Other Cannabis Concentrates 

By Cheri Sicard
November 2, 2022

Dear Cheri,

I know you’re not a fan of infused vegetable glycerin tinctures because they don’t infuse the cannabinoids well, BUT, is there a way of making glycerin tinctures with FECO, RSO, or other cannabis concentrates? I’ve used this kind of tincture in the past and find that the taste is good and the effects have been great for me.  What are your thoughts?

Wow!  That’s a great idea.  Making glycerin tincture with FECO would be effective.  

And you are correct, I have said that infusing glycerin tinctures with flowers in the same way you make cannabutter or cannaoil would NOT be effective.  That’s because cannabinoids bind to fats and glycerin is fat-free, so when you strain your tincture you would be tossing out the medicine.

But by making glycerin tinctures with FECO or other concentrates, you have found the exception to the rule.  Let’s explore why.

Why does making glycerin tinctures with FECO work?

making glycerin tinctures with feco

When you mix a cannabis concentrate such as FECO (full extract cannabis oil), RSO (Rick Simpson oil) rosin, resin, or hash oils into glycerin you aren’t really infusing it into the glycerin.  However, you are adding an ingredient to the glycerin.  You will not strain anything out and you will consume it all when you ingest the tincture. 

(See this article for an explanation of the different types of cannabis oils and concentrates, if you’re not already up to speed.)

That’s why making glycerin tinctures with FECO or other cannabis concentrates is really the only effective way to make glycerin tinctures.  You are ingesting ALL of the medicine.  However, attempting to infuse with plants is just wasting weed.

Great question! I appreciate you having asked it.

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