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Can You Overdose on Edibles? What To Do If You Eat Too Much Marijuana! 

By Cheri Sicard
November 8, 2021

Can you overdose on edibles?  Is it even possible to overdose on THC?  If so how much THC does it take to overdose?

To answer these questions, you must first examine what we you mean by  the word "overdose."

Not long ago, I got a worried Facebook message from a reader who had accidentally made a batch of marijuana infused cupcakes that were too strong.  He and his friends were freaking out and worried about the effects of a marijuana overdose, especially since the media often like to fear monger these stories.  

When we are talking about a  "marijuana overdose," what we are really talking about is someone ingesting too much THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for many of its medicinal effects, but also responsible for making you feel high.  

The first thing to do if you or someone you know has ingested too much marijuana is to calm down. There is no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose. You will not stop breathing and your organs will not shut down. Cannabis simply does not work that way in the body.  So in the sense of an overdose that makes people die or causes organ failure, no you can't "overdose" on THC.

However, you certainly can ingest enough THC to feel uncomfortable, dizzy, disoriented, and possibly even nauseous or paranoid.  And anything over a therapeutic dose can be considered an "overdose."

So when people ask, "Can you overdose on weed," the answer is yes.  But only in the sense that it can be an unpleasant experience that you won't be eager to repeat (kind of like when you drink too much alcohol only usually without the morning after hangover), not in the sense that you are going to die or do serious irreperable bodily harm.

Can You OD on Edibles?

When the question is "Can you overdose on edibles," the answer is the same as can you overdose on weed. Yes, but not in a fatal or permanent damage sort of way.  

That said, it is important to note that there is no easier way to ingest too much marijuana than by eating it.

A common problem is that people don’t think the edibles are working, as the effects can take several hours to manifest. Likewise they eat more, and by the time it all hits, they realize they took too much THC. 

Unfortunately, every time some high profile jackass overdoses on marijuana (yes I am talking to you Maureen Dowd), the press feels compelled to fear monger and inaccurately crow about the alleged dangers of cannabis and edibles.

How much THC is an overdose?  The answer is different for everyone, and not just a little but different, drastically different. This is the biggest challenge when it comes to edibles dosages for beginners.

If you don't know what your optimal cannabis dosage is, take my Free Edibles Dosing class that will guide you to discovering it.

Weed Overdose: Practical suggestions for when you have consumed too much THC:

If you or someone you know ever finds themselves in the uncomfortable position of having eaten too high a dose of THC, know that there are things you can do, besides just wait it out and feel miserable.  Tip #1 below being the quickest way to fast relief from an uncomfortable weed overdose.

CBD to the Rescue! – For almost instant relief from a THC overdose, ingest some CBD! Cannabidiol, marijuana’s second most famous cannabinoid, can counter the effects of it most famous cannabinoid, THC. Bhang makes a CBD breath spray that, besides imparting all the medicinal benefits CBD are known for, also can act like a rescue inhaler for those who have consumed too much marijuana. A few sprays and you will almost instantly feel yourself starting to come down from that uncomfortable high. If you don’t have CBD spray try, try a sublingual CBD tincture, or smoking or vaping a high CBD strain of cannabis instead.

Chew Peppercorns — Believe it or not, peppercorns can counteract the effects of a THC overdose.  This is due to similar terpene profiles and how the two plants interact with each other, but the bottom line is, it works!  Try chewing on 2 or 3 peppercorns for a few minutes when feeling too high.

Drink Something – Cottonmouth, a common side effect of marijuana use, is even more pronounced with edibles. Drink lots of water to counteract it and help you feel the extreme effects less.

Eat Something – Eating marijuana edibles on an empty stomach can definitely make their effects more pronounced. Unless you are feeling sick to your stomach, try eating something non-medicated when you have had too much to help alleviate the symptoms.

Sleep It Off – The best thing you can do when you have ingested too much marijuana is to go to bed and sleep it off.

Don't Overdose in the First Place -- My easy to use Edibles Dosage Calculators can help you make sure you don't get too much in the first place.  When you use them you will ALWAYS know about how much THC is in your homemade edibles, even when you don't have the luxury of cooking with lab-tested marijuana.

How to Determine Your Ideal Cannabis Dose

All the dosing numbers and ranges in the world do not mean a thing if you do not know your own personal ideal dosage.  Click here to learn how to determine yours.  Knowing how many mgs of THC is right for you can help prevent ever having a THC overdose in the first place.

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