The Trend in Cannabis Prerolls is Small and That’s BIG! 

By Cheri Sicard
August 3, 2022

Cannabis prerolls have come a long way in a short time.  A lot has changed in regards to prerolled and ready to smoke cannabis joints.

In the early days of medical marijuana and adult use legalization, and to some degree even today, prerolls are nothing more than a marketing ploy.  Purveyors can use low grade cannabis or shake, roll them into papers, and given them away with purchases.

This is all well and good, who doesn’t like free stuff after all?  However, it lead to prerolls getting a bad reputation as low quality, almost throw-away weed.  And in many cases they are.

To be sure these kinds of low quality prerolls still exist.  But today not all prerolls fall under this category by any means.

The Dawn of Premium Prerolls

Humboldt's Finest Prerolled Joints

However, soon after legalization caught on and competition in the cannabis industry became a thing, a new trend emerged.  Premium prerolls.

Far from junk weed, these joints were stuffed with high potency top shelf varieties of cannabis.  Sometimes they were enhanced with concentrates like kief, hash oils, rosin, or resin.  Sometimes they were single strains.

Premium prerolls turned smoking a joint into a special occasion to share with friends.  They also made terrific gifts for cannabis loving friends.

Besides being filled with good cannabis, they always include a “filter” also known as crutch (it does not actually filter) end.  This allows you to smoke it all then toss out the cardboard crutch.  No need for roach clips.

Some premium prerolls even get fancy and use a class crutch (which you can reuse).

Dog Walker Joints

Dog Walker Joints Premium Prerolls by Caliva

Several years ago the trend of with prerolls went smaller.  Within this sub-category there are two types:

  • Dog Walker Joints
  • Mini Prerolls

Caliva, a company that no longer exists under that name, produced the first “Dog Walker” joints I ever saw.  I am not sure if the small sized joints, just big enough to smoke while you walked the dog, were original to them or not. 

But the term has become more generic in meaning, referring to a smaller sized joint.

Caliva’s Dog Walker tins were some of my favorites and their marketing was good as was the quality of their small sized prerolls.

Another company is now marketing premium prerolls under the Dog Walker name, but their tins are not nearly as cute.  As to quality I have not had the opportunity to try them, so I can’t say.

Mini Prerolls the New Trend

Perfect Cannabis Blends Sexpot Mini Prerolls

A trend I’ve been seeing lately takes it even smaller than Dog Walker joints.  Mini prerolls are tiny premium prerolls.

These are wonderful as they are just enough for one or two people to have a few hits without feeling pressured to smoke an entire joint.

Two companies selling mini prerolls are Perfect Cannabis Blends (find my review of them here), and Heshie's Selfies.

It’s also a good way for companies to give out samples at events.  In fact, that’s exactly how I discovered mini-prerolls, at the Cannabis and Movie Nights events in Los Angeles.

Perfecto Joints – The Best of Both Worlds

Perfect Cannabis Blends - Pick Me Up Perfecto Preroll

Besides selling mini-joints, Perfect Cannabis Blends also has a new style of ingenious preroll that is the best of both worlds. 

Perfecto joints have a crutch at both ends.  What this is means is you can cut it to make two prerolls out of one.  Cut it in half, 2/3s to 1/3, whatever you choose or need at the moment.


DIY Premium Prerolls

How to Roll a Perfect Joint

Rolling perfect joints with crutches, of any size, takes some finesse and practice.  BUT, there is an inexpensive little gadget that can help you do it with ease.  

Check out the video and how-tos at this link:

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