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Mixing Cannabis Strains to Make Your Own Designer Marijuana Blends 

By Cheri Sicard
March 31, 2021

Dear Cheri,

I am happily devouring (pun intended) the information on making Mary Jane edibles in your cooking and gummy courses.  My question today is, do you have any information or an opinion on throwing in some high CBD strains of cannabis with the THC strains in my infusion?

Sure, you can definitely do this if you want the medicinal effects of both CBD and THC, and to be sure, they do work best together rather than in isolation.  Although one word of caution with THC and CBD…if you want to feel a buzz CBD can cancel out the psychotropic effects of THC which may or may not be a good thing to you. Although this is a very good thing to keep in mind if you ever eat too high a dose of edibles, as a little CBD and you will instantly come right down.

But mixing cannabis strains can go far beyond just mixing THC and CBD.  I call it making marijuana “salads.”  The technique works for cooking as well as for cannabis you smoke or vape.

I am often asked for strain recommendations.  This is often problematic for the reasons I talk about in this article.  But more often than not, the best strain for the job is a combination of several.

I had a friend who owned a dispensary, and who likewise had access to lots of different strains of cannabis, who was famous for her “salads.”  She had the effects and flavors dialed in for all kinds of homemade designer blends to meet her specific needs and those of her friends and family.

Advantages of Mixing Cannabis Strains (AKA Making Marijuana Salads)

Making your own designer cannabis blends is of course a matter of trial and error, but mixing cannabis strains to make your own blends can have a number of advantages:

  • Mixing cannabis strains can help you enjoy the affects you like while mitigating affects you don’t want.  For instance, if your favorite pain relief strain makes you sleepy you might combine it with another strain that makes you feel energetic and peppy.
  • You can have fun matching terpenes and being a flavor connoisseur while creating fabulous tasting strains to smoke or vape.
  • Mixing strains can help enhance a less a perfect strain with another that has better potency and/or flavor.  In other words, it can help you stretch your stash and save money.
  • Mixing CBD with THC with will reduce the effects of THC’s high, which can be useful for times when you need to keep a clear head, but might be a disadvantage when you are seeking a strong buzz.

How to Start Making Designer Cannabis Blends

It is always a good idea to keep notes of the different strains you try, much like a wine connoisseur take tasting notes.  Note flavor notes and effects. 

Likewise, when you start mixing, makes notes of strains you have mixed and again the flavor and effect notes of the blend.

Start small, perhaps by mixing two strains.  As you continue your journey and get more sophisticated with it, you might find your perfect blend, like my old friend’s, contains 4 or 5 strains.

It can take time to learn to make your own signature blends, but the process is both lots of fun and therapeutic.

Mixing cannabis strains to make a marijuana salad.

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