Are Pot Brownies From the Edge of the Pan More Potent? 

By Cheri Sicard
June 3, 2020

Dear Cheri,

I wonder if you can help me I am new new to the world of cannabis, and specifically edibles. I baked brownies but I think I undercooked them.  The edges were lightly crunchy but the center was more fudgy.  

My question is this: the more cooked parts gave me a very pleasant good high, but the center didn’t affect me at all, even when I ate multiple squares.  On the other hand, the edges worked with one 2 x 1 inch square. What happened?

I made my own butter and decarbed according to internet instructions. I followed instructions precisely in making both butter and brownies.  They tasted good but I only felt the high on the crunchy edge parts.  Any answers you have would be great.  Thank you.

Cannabis Cheri Sicard

Your problem here lies with decarboxylation.

I am not sure how you decarbed or for how long but what happened here is the decarb you did does not appear to have been effective.  However, since the edges of the pan get hotter than the center and cook more, those brownies decarbed more during cooking and likewise had greater potency.

In the early days of cannabis cooking before a lot was known about decarboxylation, a commercial grower friend of mine noticed the same thing about his brownies, and he likewise started always decarbed before cooking.

You, on the other hand, did decarb, but it did not seem to work well. I am not sure whose instructions and recipe you followed.  Personally, I recommend 240 F for 1 hour.

That said, depending on how you decarbed, there can be big variations, such as hot or cold spots in ovens, or temperatures being off. You can get on over thermometer to check yours and adjust.

Or for perfect results every time, invest in a gadget like the Nova or the FX by Ardent Cannabis. I just had a spontaneous testimonial from a member of my Facebook cooking group who said the increase in potency in her edibles after using these products was worth its weight in gold.

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For more info on proper Decarboxylation see these articles:

cannabis brownies

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  • I was really pleased to find you had used my letter in today’s post. I now know what I did wrong. I baked a second batch and cooked them much longer until center was fully raised and cracked. The brownies came out more cakey and dense but gave me a pleasant high with every square. I found that as they were not fudgey I needed to drink them with milk to soften in my mouth. But that is fine with me. It’s just like cake and ice cream. I would like to experiment with other brownie recipes as I do prefer more fudgey ones so any link would be great. I really like your site and look forward to reading everything you post. Thanks again

  • Cheri, I just want to thank you for all the great information and recipes. Your dosage calculator is the best! Looking forward to the course on gummies! =)

  • Hi so happy to find you for now and future. My daughter made some cannabutter and I am making brownies from a box.. I got so dizzy and not the typical stoned feeling and definately got a tummy ache I am wondering what I am doing wrong I used a tablespoon of the butter and I did add olive oil, which may have caused it.. anyway will be trying again but would love some feedback too.

    • Not enough information for me to comment on meaningfully, but the oil likely had nothing to do with it. More than likely the dose is not right for you. Check out my free (or $5) dosing course at, as that will help you dial in dosing.

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