Quartz Coil Versus Ceramic Heating Elements in Vapes


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QUartz Coil and Ceramic Heating Elements for Vape Pens

Dear Cheri,

What’s a better heating element in a vape pen pen, quartz coil or ceramic? Thanks for your input.

Victor the Vaper!

If you have been shopping for a vaporizer, you might have noticed two distinctly different types of heating elements – Quartz Coil or Ceramic. Which is better? Like many things, it depends. Both work well and largely it comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of each:

Quartz Coil Heating Elements in Vaporizers

PROS: Heats up quickly; produces a strong vapor cloud

CONS: Burns hotter and likewise you will lose some flavor subtleties.

Ceramic Heating Elements in Vaporizers

PROS: Preserves more of the terpenes and subtle flavors of the cannabis.

CONS: Takes longer to reach proper temperature; produce less vapor than quartz coil.

Unless I am evaluating an extremely delicately flavored concentrate, I tend to prefer quartz coil because of the bigger vapor cloud, but this is strictly a matter of personal preference. Not sure what you would prefer? Try a Vape like the Saber which offers both options in an easy to change magnetic element.

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