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Ask Cheri: What is Marijuana Shake and How Can I Use It? 

By Cheri Sicard
September 8, 2018

Ask Cheri:

I keep seeing and hearing this term “shake.” I have no idea what they are talking about. What is marijuana shake?

Shake is great! No, it’s not a marijuana inspired dance craze, nor is it a new infused edible, but it is something every marijuana user should know about. So what is marijuana “shake?” It’s the little crumbs and pieces that fall to the bottom of a bag of cannabis. Think of shake as weed equivalent of the crumbs at the bottom of a potato chip bag. It’s made of the same stuff, it’s just smaller. As top shelf connoisseurs like big, pretty manicured buds, they often turn up their noses at shake. But savvy cannabis consumers know that there are bargains to be had in shake, as dispensaries often sell it for half the price or less than buds…when you can find it. Many dispensaries use their shake for making pre-rolls, so it isn't always offered. Sometimes the shake you get will be from a single strain, but more often than not it will be a “salad” of the shake from the various strains the dispensary carries.

What can you do with shake?

You can smoke it, vape it, cook with it, or make topicals with it. As shake is usually so economical it especially makes sense for cooking or topicals, where you need a fair amount of plant material to get the job done, and flavor and aesthetics don't really matter. In a nutshell, shake is a great economic product, when you can find it, especially for cooking or topicals making. If I have a choice, I will almost always buy shake for cooking. Shake can be good for smoking or vaping as well, but be aware it tends to be slightly less potent than buds, and is usually drier.  But the price saving usually more than makes up for these shortcomings.

For more information see: Estimating THC Percentages in Shake and Trim

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