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What Is the Difference Between Live Rosin and Live Resin? 

By Cheri Sicard
June 30, 2021

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Dear Cheri,

Are live resin and live rosin the same thing?  If not what is the difference?

Live resin and live rosin are both cannabis concentrates.  They may physically look similar, and their names may sound alike, and the buzz they provide may be about equal, but they are in fact different in the way they are produced.

Live Rosin

Live Rosin is made from trichomes that are collected and pressed from fresh plants.  Only heat and pressure, produce these concentrates – no solvents at all.  Likewise, live rosins retain the richness of their terpenes and their full spectrum of cannabinoids.  Live Rosin is usually pretty expensive because it takes a lot of plant matter to make a little bit of live rosin.  I personally save mine for dabbing, but I get enough questions from people who want to cook with it that I wanted to address it. 

Yes you can cook with live rosin.  When it comes to techniques treat it like any other hash oil, which means decarboxylate it and dissolve it into a melted fat or other warm liquid and add to your recipes.  When using live concentrates, however, try to opt for recipes with as little cooking or heating as possible.  This will help preserve the volatile terpenes, which burn off at various temperatures.

Live Resin

Live Resins are also made from fresh cannabis but it in the case of live resin the plant matter is flash frozen and extracted with a solvent, usually butane, using a closed loop recovery system.   Like Live Rosin, terpene rich Live Resin can also be pretty pricey, but you can cook with it, should you choose, by using the same techniques used for hash oils that I talked about above.I definitely prefer to save both of these products for dabbing, as they both make for potent, flavorful inhale-able cannabis!

Cannabis Live Rosin and Cannabis Live Resin

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