Free Topical Cannabis Tutorial – Easy to Make DIY Marijuana Body Butters



Cheri Sicard making DIY Whipped Marijuana Body Butter

FREE DOWNLOAD: Easy to Make Luxurious Whipped Marijuana Body Butter Using Kitchen Ingredients

I created a special Free downloadable tutorial of my favorite quick and easy ways to make healing and moisturizing marijuana body butter.  All of the ideas are easy to implement with common ingredients, most that you can find in your kitchen, at the supermarket or health food store, and/or online.

Download your FREE copy and get ready to experience some INCREDIBLE homemade cannabis body butters that also make thoughtful homemade gifts!

My special Making Easy Marijuana Body Butters Tutorial includes:

  • Easy 3-Ingredient Basic Body Butter Formula
  • Improved Body Butter Formula
  • Easy to make CBD Body Butter Formula
  • How to adjust the dose of marijuana topicals
  • Ingredients to add to prevent liquefying at warmer temperatures
  • How to extend shelf life with the all-natural “preservative” you already have in your medicine cabinet
  • How to use common kitchen ingredients add scent to body homemade cannabis body butters
  • How to add additional skin nourishing antioxidants using common kitchen ingredients
  • How to add essential oils to marijuana body butters
  • Thrifty packaging ideas for cannabis body butters
  • Recipe for my personal favorite marijuana body butter variation: Lavender and Green Tea Cannabis Body Butter

Fill out the Form to Download your FREE Making DIY Cannabis Body Butters Tutorial now. Your skin will thank you!

DIY Marijuana Body Butter



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    Dear Cheri

    Two things I would like to share with you, I tryed to read how long to hold a hit, when I clicked on the link the page it took me to said error 404 can’t find page. Would love to read your article about It. 2 Item loved the glass cleaning article, been doing that for years. I know that alot of people add stuff to the water or substitute fluids. What I have found is that if you use a fluid like citrus or coffee the bong doesn’t develop ” Bong Breath. Try some hot coffee in your bong on a cold winter morning, or my face is 10 to twelve drops of real lemon or lemon concentrate ( real work’s better). The important thing is to empty your bong after each use do not leave water standing in your glass pipe next time I would like to send you a picture of my M.O.A.B. mother of all bongs, made it myself out of a 4 ft tall chianti bottle .

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    Brenda Mitchell on

    Thank you so much for this informative article. I would like to try this body butter because the winters in my state are brutal. My skin get extremely dry and flaky. I have nothing to loose so I will give it a try and see how it works.

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