Book Cheri Sicard For A Personal Appearance

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for WomenCheri Sicard is an experienced public speaker with the knowledge and expertise to speak on a wide variety of cannabis related topics. Cheri’s resume in cooking with marijuana and as a cannabis reform activist, coupled with her years of work in front of audiences as an entertainer, teacher, and public speaker, makes her the perfect personality for your event or group.  She has presentations for small and large audiences and is available to serve on panel discussions as well.

Here are just a few of the topics Cheri can speak on:

  • Cooking with marijuana for beginners and beyond
  • Cannabis cooking mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Cannabis and women
  • Seniors and cannabis
  • Cannabis use and your health 
  • Fast and easy ways ANYONE can help the marijuana reform movement
  • Life sentences for marijuana – how and why people get egregious sentences for marijuana

Cannabis Cooking – Cheri Sicard was a professional food writer and recipe developer long before she became a medical marijuana patient and cannabis activist.  She created the popular cooking website and authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Easy Freezer Meals (2011, Alpha Books) before turning her attention to medicated cooking. Through much of 2010 and 2011, Cheri wrote Culture Magazine’s monthly medicated menu column, and in February 2012 she released her 6th book, The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook (2012, Z-Dog Media).  Cheri’s cannabis cooking lectures can be customized for your venue’s needs, but generally cover the basics of how to properly dose edibles, infuse butter and oil, cook with concentrates, and adapt favorite recipes. Cheri also gives expert tips including practical tricks for minimizing unwanted herbal flavors and cooking odors.

Marijuana Reform Activism – Cheri is a dedicated cannabis advocate and activist.  Driven by the core belief that nobody should ever go to jail for a plant, she regularly works with several organizations.  Cheri served as the Los Angeles County Community Leader for the NORML Women’s Alliance and is on the advisory board of directors for Orange County NORML.  Back in 2010, Cheri started Americans for Safe Access’ first ever “action group” to fight for medical marijuana regulations in San Bernardino County, CA and worked with the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project to organize rallies there. 

Of all the issues surrounding marijuana, the plight of nonviolent prisoners serving Life Sentences for Marijuana most haunted Cheri.  She has and continues to work extensively in this artea, advocating for a number of these unfortunate prisoners of the drug war.

Cheri’s early books, The Great American Handbook, What You Can Do For Your Country Today and Everyday (2002 Berkley Books), US Citizenship for Dummies (2003, Wiley) and Everyday American (2008, Bookspan) show a lifelong interest in politics and patriotism.  Cheri’s awakening to the injustice of our nation’s marijuana laws and the over reaching powers of law enforcement and elected officials to keep them that way, began a realization of how much our government has been corrupted and just how far we’ve strayed from the ideals of a free and democratic society.  Always on the front lines of the fight for cannabis legalization, Cheri is available to speak on any of these topics or serve as part of a panel of cannabis activists.

When not in the kitchen developing recipes, you’re likely to find Cheri at a marijuana court support, rally, city council meeting, or involved in some other reform activity.  She believes everyone, regardless of circumstance, can do something to help the movement and works to inspire others to get involved and come out of the cannabis closet.

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