Cannabis Cheri: 420 Travel Agents; Infused Cinnamon Rolls 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

It's almost 420!  I want to wish everyone a Happy High Holiday!  

If you're curious about how the whole 4-20 thing got started, check out former High Times editor Steve Bloom's account here.

This issue, in addition to a new infused cinnamon roll recipe (YES, PLEASE!), I cover a Higher Way Travel, a unique 420 friendly travel agency that can create custom vacation packages specifically designed for cannabis lovers.  Read on!

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Cannabis Travel

Higher Way Travel: Creating Custom Cannabis Travel Packages

Cannabis Travel Packages - Grow Tour

Cannabis travel is suddenly exploding.  It’s taken a long time but savvy tourism attractions and destinations are realizing the value of the cannabis loving demographic.  Travel consumers can now even purchase special cannabis travel packages that allow them to take fabulous 420 vacations.

Higher Way Travel, a travel agency that specializes in this unique niche, has watched the changes in this landscape since before there even was such a thing as a “Cannabis Travel Industry.”

Higher Way’s April Black started organizing cannabis custom cannabis travel packages back in 2008 when the only public cannabis event or trip that existed was the annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Black says, “Back then cannabis tourism was almost unheard of.  People would often call and question if what we did was even real.”

Things are very different from that now!
Read more.

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eat your weed

Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls

weed cinnamon rolls recipe

There's no better way to wake and bake than with these delicious weed cinnamon rolls!  And there’s nothing as wonderful as the aroma of baking cannabis cinnamon rolls filling the house, except possibly the taste of freshly made hot cinnamon rolls.

This recipe is terrific as you can prepare it ahead of time and bake when ready.  You can even freeze it!

Get the Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls recipe.

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