Cannabis Cheri: Cannabis for Pain; My Favorite 420 Appetizer 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

This week I talk about a topic I get a lot of questions about and that is using cannabis and even more specifically cannabis edibles, for pain relief.  DOn't miss this one regardless of if you suffer from small aches and pain or serious chronic pain.

I also share my person #1 favorite appetizer recipe.  Several chefs and caterers have started putting this into their repertoires, but for some reason the public has not yet discovered this AMAZING infused appetizer yet. 

Read on!

Cannabis Learning -
do edibles work for pain?

A viewer asks “do edibles work for pain management?”

When you ask such a question, the quick answer is: it depends. 

You didn't give me quite enough information.  What kind of pain? How severe?  What is your cannabis tolerance like?  A lot of factors have to be taken into account.  That said, I definitely think using cannabis edibles for pain management is something most people should try as cannabis does not have the serious side effects that come with prescription or even over-the-counter pain medicines. And scores of people with lots of different types of pain have reporter amazing results with cannabis and cannabis edibles.

Read more and watch the video.

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eat your weed
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

People LOVE this recipe.  It gets raves every time I serve it.  Several chefs and caterers have added it to their menus.  But the public has not really discovered it, even though it has been on my website for a while.  It is my go-to appetizer recipe, especially if I need to impress.

It may look and sound fancy, but trust me it is very easy to make and never fails to get wows from everyone who tries it (even people who were skeptical when reading the ingredients.  Try it and see!

Get the Infused Stuffed Dates recipe.

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