Cannabis Cheri: Cooking with Multiple Strains; Irish Cream Bundt Cakes 

By  Cheri Sicard


This issue we have an interesting question about cooking with more than one strain of cannabis at a time.  I also share some easy to make YUMMY Irish Cream Bundt cakes!

Read on!

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how to calculate edibles dosages with multiple strains of cannabis

Dear Cheri,

I have a question about how to calculate edibles dosages.  I like to make cannabis cookies and I like to make my infused cannabutter using 2 or 3 different strains of cannabis.  The percentages of THC in them will vary from about 17% THC to about 23%.  I have your dosage calculators (see below) but am confused on how to use them when using cannabis with different percentages of THC.  Can you help?

Get the answers here!

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
eat your weed
Marijuana Bundt Cake Pistachio Irie irish Cream Bundt Cake Recipe

These little Marijuana Bundt cakes could not be easier to make, as they doctor up a plain cake mix and turn it into something extraordinary.

I was trying to come up with a recipe for St Patrick’s Day when I came up with this marijuana Bundt cake, so Irish cream liqueur was on my mind. Then I happened upon a box of Pistachio pudding mix hiding in the back of my pantry and thought why not? The flavors will match well and it will make the cakes look green.

Well the flavors did match well. These little treats are delicious. But…the color was barely green. So if you want green cakes for a marijuana St. Patrick’s Day celebration (or any other time), add a few drops of food coloring to your batter.

Get the Pistachio and Irish Cream Bundt cakes recipe.

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