Cannabis Cheri: Does weed go bad?; Infused Deviled Eggs 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!  

Does good weed go bad?  I have had this question a few times lately so re visit the woman who found a 40 year old stash!  Plus, post Easter, I had to dig out my favorite infused deviled eggs recipe.

Read on!

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2 Older Women Smoking Cannabis

Dear Cheri,

Does weed go bad?  I have a REALLY old dime bag of sensimilla that my mother found and (I thought) confiscated FORTY years ago, but believe it or not, my sister found it in her dresser after my mom died, in the same makeup bag I kept it in along with my old pipe and some EZ-widers.

It has been in the dark, in a baggie, inside a film canister for the entire 40-years since I last saw it. I would say it’s barely a couple of tablespoons. I wouldn’t dare smoke it, but do you think I could make some infused oil and make edibles to help sleep or something? Or should I just put it in the Smithsonian?

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How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
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Platter of cannabis infused Deviled Eggs on a vintage deviled eggs platter

The recent Easter holiday got me to thinking of ways to use leftover eggs which of course lead me to Deviled Eggs.  These Cannabis infused Deviled Eggs are destined to become your crowd's favorite marijuana munchie at upcoming 420 parties.

Everyone loves Deviled Eggs and this old fashioned Marijuana Deviled Eggs recipe is just as popular today as it was in our grandparents day.  Well maybe the Deviled Eggs recipes of our grandparents day did not contain cannabis.  But everything else was the same.

These tasty cannabis infused stuffed eggs make perfect appetizers for picnics, parties or anytime you need an infused low carb or keto snack.

Get the Infused Deviled Eggs recipe.

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