Cannabis Cheri: FECO Part 2; Beginner Grows; French Onion Soup 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

This week I have the second of two demonstrations on making FECO (full extract cannabis oil) in the POT by NOIDS, something I know a lot of you have been waiting for.

We also have a couple of great resources for those who are considering growing their own cannabis for the first time.

And, you'll also find one of my favorite soup recipes, soothing, comforting, cheesy French Onion Soup au Gratin, infused of course!


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Cannabis Learning -
How to make FECO method 2

This is a followup from last week (but if you missed last week, both videos are on the page at the link below).  

Method 2 for making FECO in theory will produce a more refined final product.

(Spoiler alert: If you are looking for the healing power of RSO or Rick Simpson oil you are DEFINITELY going to want to pay attention to this post!  More on why at the link.)

Read the article and access the YouTube video here.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
Cannabis Growing
Growing weed indoors vs outdoors, which is right for you?

Are you considering growing your own cannabis?  It can be a satisfying and worthwhile hobby, but it's not right for everyone.  Likewise I put together a few resources for potential new cannabis cultivators.  One to help determine if growing cannabis is right for you at all, and the other to help answer the most important question of indoors versus outdoors.  

eat your weed
Marijuana Infused French Onion Soup au Gratin

Forget about the bistro, they don't make Marijuana French Onion Soup like you can at home!

For the best, most intensely flavored onion soup, take some time and brown the onions until they are a deep mahogany brown. Baked with a baguette slice and melted cheese, this is one hearty soup. Add a salad, and you have a terrific infused meal.
Get the infused French Onion Soup au Gratin recipe

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