Cannabis Cheri: Flying High Book Review; 420 Meatball Parm Sliders 

By  Cheri Sicard


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This week I share one of my favorite easy to make infused sandwiches, Meatball Parm Sliders.  I also have news of a an exciting new book by former marijuana smuggler Billy Dekle and his wife.  It a real life hair raising tale that reads like a novel!

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Flying High with Gringo Billy: A Smuggler and His Wife

Billy Dekle - Flying High with Gringo Billy

This new cannabis related memoir by former marijuana lifer Billy Dekle and his wife Kay reads like a high action novel.  But it really happened.

Followers of this site and my work might know that for over a decade I was an advocate for federal prisoners serving life sentences for marijuana.  Billy Dekle, co-author of this book, was one of those prisoners. (Learn more about federal life sentences for marijuana and how that is even possible -- it's NOT what you think!).

Cheri Sicard advocating for marijuana lifer Billy Dekla

Cheri advocating for Billy Dekle, back in the day.

After serving over a decade before being granted clemency by President Obama, Billy is now a free man and reunited with his wife Kay, his co-author in this book.

As marijuana lifers go, Billy was one of the “lucky” ones in that he had a wife and family that stood by him and were waiting for him when he was released.  Even though there was a big possibility that would never happen. 

A number of times over the years that I corresponded with Billy he would tell me about his amazing wife and how much he needed her.  And about his admiration of her for holding their family together.

Both of them bare their souls in this book.  Those contrasts makes it especially interesting.  You get the adventurous exploits of an aviation buff and pilot who became a marijuana smuggler.  And the wife who lived the other side of the equation, never knowing when or if her husband would come home.

Check out my full review here.

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eat your weed
marijuana cooking with bud recipes - meatball parmagiana sliders

Cannabis infused savory meatballs are enveloped in classic Italian tomato sauce, covered in melted cheese, and served on Italian rolls. Meatball Marijuana Sliders will be the hit of your next 420 party!

This is one of those rare marijuana recipes where I recommend actually cooking with buds -- no need to make cannabutter or cannaoil, just add the decarbed marijuana as you would other herbs and spices.

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