Cannabis Cheri: Gummy Course SALE; Mixing Indica and Sativa; Keychain Keepers 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

This week I answer a reader question about mixing indicas and sativas, introduce a terrific low cast gift for cannabis lovers (stoner stocking stuffers looking forward), and share my infused Buffalo Wing recipe.  I recently took these to a party and boy did they get raves!

 Also we are having a BIG SALE on my Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies online course.  Read on!

cannabis gummy rainbow

By popular demand!  You asked and we answered.  I just upgraded my Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies online course to include instructions on making super strong gummies!

To celebrate we are offering a limited time 25% off discount on this invaluable course that will forever put an end to your gummy making frustrations.

The course has gotten RAVE reviews since we first launched it a couple of years ago, but the one thing we got frequent requests for was a way to up the dosage. 

The original course has lots of terrific gummy recipes, but the per gummy dosage was low – perfect for someone micro-dosing or with a low edibles tolerance.

But a lot of people have higher tolerances and/or medical needs that necessitate a higher dosed gummy.  And the course can now deliver that too.

This new upgrades covers how to take ANY of the fabulous gummy recipes already included with the course and super charge the dosage in it.  Brilliant.

In addition, we cover every possible cannabis gummy making problem and pitfall.  Take this course and you will enjoy a LIFETIME of fabulous cannabis gummies that are EXACTLY what you need.  You’ll also know how to make gummy gifts for cannabis loving friends too.

This 25% off offer ends on 11:59 PM on March 29th, so enroll today.  Use coupon code SUPERGUMMIES25.

Even if you don’t have time to take the course right now, once enrolled you get lifetime access.  The lessons in the Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Gummies will be waiting for you whenever you are ready, but this 25% off offer won’t.  With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of awesome cannabis gummies to gain.  Enroll now!

Cannabis Learning -
can I mix indicas and sativas

A YouTube viewer wanted to know my thoughts on mixing indicas and sativas when making edibles.  The short answer is yes, you can do this.  Get the longer more detailed answer at the link below.

Check out the video here.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
Ryot's Keychain Keepers

Here's useful inexpensive ($2-$4) gift for cannabis lovers on the go.  RYOT's ingenious Keychain Keepers.  Check it out!

See the review of Keychain Keepers

eat your weed
Cannabis Infused Buffalo Weed Wings - Chicken

After taking these to a recent party, I was again reminded how much people LOVE these infused buffalo wings.  Try them out at your next gathering and see!

Get the infused Buffalo Wings recipe.

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