Cannabis Cheri: How Topicals Work; Infused Lemon Pound Cake Recipe 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

This week I have a brand new recipe for infused Lemon Pound Cake, in honor of Afroman and his problems with the Adams County (Ohio) Sheriff's Deparment.  

I also answer a viewer question about how topical cannabis works.


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Dear Cheri,

How do cannabis topicals work? My friend swears by them, but it seems kind of far fetched to me that rubbing cannabis on the skin can really do anything.  Do you have any insight?

Yes, I have a LOT of insight.  It may sound like science fiction, but there is actually solid science FACT behind how topical cannabis can provide relief for a whole lot of different conditions.  Learn more about it here.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
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Ode to Afroman Lemon Pound Cake recipe

Afroman has been having quite a moment.  The rapper's house was subjected to a no-knock raid in which the cops ransacked his home, terrorized his family, and stole his money.  To my knowledge there has yet to be an explanation of where the alleged kidnapping charges came from but the warrant cited both suspicion of narcotics and kidnapping.  

The police found nothing.  Nonetheless, the singer was left with a broken door, a broken gate, a trashed house, and stolen cash.

At the center of all the confusion was a Lemon Pound Cake sitting on the kitchen counter.  The delicious looking cake definitely caught the attention of the Adams County Sheriff (as you will see in the video at the link below).  So much so that he is now known on social media as Officer Poundcake.

Afroman fought back in the best way he possibly could: with humor, through his music, and through his social media followings.

So in honor of Afroman and his fight for justice, I thought it high time to develop an infused Lemon Pound Cake recipe.  Give a listen to the song and watch the video first to get in the mood. 

This recipe is SO good it will make you put down the gun and cut yourself a slice.  Seriously though, as cannabis and lemons share terpenes, this made a great tasting, as well as effective, edible.

Get the Ode to Afroman Infused Lemon Pound Cake recipe and watch the music video here.

Cannabis infused Lemon Pound Cake
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