Cannabis Cheri: Hydroponic Growing; Infused Tortilla Soup 

By  Cheri Sicard


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holidays.  Mine was perfect, quiet and spent with family.

This issue we take a look at growing cannabis hydroponically, plus I share one of my favorite infused soup recipes.

Read on!

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Cannabis Growing

Why Mitch Prefers Hydroponic Growing

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Cannabis Cheri's cultivation editor Mitch Mandell first experimented with growing cannabis hydroponically as a young man living in his Los Angeles apartment.  There was no outside space save the balcony which got little sunlight and was in full view of the neighbors.

He found that growing hydroponically had several advantages that will appeal to a broad spectrum of cannabis growers, but especially living in apartments:

  • No soil meant no dirt coming into the home and no dirt to dispose of after the harvest.
  • All the nutrients and fertilizers are liquids which are generally neater.
  • You could grow a large plant in a smaller space.
  • Crops grew faster than in soil.

Read more and see the video.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
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Marijuana Infused Tortilla Soup

Recipe two-fer!  Use a batch of my Quick and Easy Marijuana Salsa from Pantry Ingredients to make this satisfying medicated soup recipe.

Get the infused Tortilla Soup recipe.

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