Cannabis Cheri: Inhaled vs Edibles; Infused Chicken and Dumplings 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!  

This issue I tackle a question regarding the same strain consumed in different ways, plus I share a favorite comfort food recipe, made even more comforting by adding Mary Jane!

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How do the effects of a cannabis strain differ when eaten or inhaled?

Dear Cheri,

Let's say you found a particular strain of cannabis that works well for you.  My question is, will its effects be the same if you smoke it as they would be if you used the same strain to make it into a tincture or to make cannabutter or cannaoil for edibles?  Will the high be the same since it is the same type of cannabis?  

Get the answers here.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
eat your weed
Weed chicken and dumplings recipe - cannabis comfort food

Chicken and dumplings is a classic cold weather comfort food.  With this recipe we add the healing power of cannabis.  It makes a hearty cannabis infused main course.  Fluffy weed dumplings simmer in a savory homemade thickened chicken and vegetable soup.  YUM!

Get the infused Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

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