Cannabis Cheri: Keto and Cannabis; Where Is Weed Illegal in the US? 

By  Cheri Sicard


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Not to be a complete bummer, but this issue we look at  the 19 states, the Hall of Shame, where cannabis remains illegal.  When planning vacations, these are the ones to avoid.  Some even have medical marijuana programs.  Other do not.  But in all of these 19, simple possession can come with jail time and serious fines.

On a more upbeat note, I have been getting a lot of requests for infused keto recipes.  We have some on the site, and this issue I share a fabulous keto version of my infused lemon curd.

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Where is weed illegal in America?

Where is weed illegal in America?  Can you still get into trouble for simple possession of marijuana?

Sadly the answer is yes.

Overall, several hundred thousand Americans are still arrested for violating states’ marijuana laws every year. Over nine in ten of those arrested are charged with marijuana possession offenses, not sales or trafficking.

Headlines these days in the USA are filled with news of “marijuana legalization.” What this really means is marijuana has been regulated, and heavily regulated, in certain states.  And in fact, over half the country now enjoys some form of cannabis legalization.

That said, not every state is enlightened. Believe it or not, there are still states who remain stubbornly in the dark ages.  In these backwards places even tiny amounts of marijuana can result in jail time!  Some of these states even have medical marijuana programs.  But if you are not a card carrying state resident, watch out!

Those who love to travel  and who also love cannabis would do themselves a favor to route their journeys around the 19 states listed in this article.   After all, why spend travel dollars in states that would love nothing better than to see you incarcerated for possessing a benevolent, healing plant?
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eat your weed

Cannabis on Keto: Marijuana and the Keto Diet

cannabis and keto diet, keto cannabis recipes

Cannabis and Keto, Keto and cannabis.  Health, fitness, and cannabis enthusiasts are all singing the praises of combining cannabis and the keto diet.

Can you smoke weed while on keto?  Of course the answer is yes.  Inhaling weed is not going to change anything as far as your carb counts and staying on your diet.  

However, when it comes to cannabis and the keto diet, many people claim they actually enhance each other’s health benefits.

Is there anything to these claims?  Can using cannabis on a keto diet enhance the effects of either or both? Does eating a keto diet alter the effects of cannabis?  What are the effects of cannabis on a keto diet?  These are all common questions. 
Read more about following a keto diet while using cannabis.

Cannabis Infused Sugar-Free Keto Lemon Curd Recipe

Cannabis Keto Lemon Curd

This Cannabis Keto Lemon Curd is destined to become your new favorite low carb edible. Why?  Because it is super quick and easy to make. You can freeze some for longer storage.  It's delicious.  And if all that were not enough, you can use it to make almost instant lemon keto edibles of all kinds!

Jars of cannabis keto lemon curd make terrific DIY gifts for the low carb edibles lovers in your life.  Put a bow on a jar of festive yellow cannabis keto lemon curd and you have a beautiful looking gift too.
Get the Cannabis-Infused Sugar-Free Keto Lemon Curd recipe.

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