Cannabis Cheri: Re-Applying Topicals; 420 Thanksgiving 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!

Today I answer a questions about cannabis topicals and we prepare for the BIG FEAST coming up.  Why not make it a Danksgiving?  But before we get to the, I wanted to announce that we have a NEW SHOP just in time for the holidays with some really fun cannabis t-shirts, sweats, and hoodies.  Get a great gift for someone you love (or yourself) and help support this site at the same time!  Check it out at this link!

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How Often Should You Re-Apply Cannabis Topicals?

Can marijuana topicals get you high? Will topicals make you fail a drug test?

Dear Cheri,

How often should I apply marijuana topicals?  And by the way, I have to say “Thank you.”  I took your DIY topicals course and I have been making my own pain relief salve that does wonders for my arthritis.  I actually can make it at half the dose I use to buy, which makes it less expensive.  And also, making my own it costs a fraction of what it used to cost to buy at the dispensary.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Great question about applying topicals (and thanks for the kind words about my course).  For the answer and more information, click here.

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eat your weed
danks giving Recipes

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here's your guide to  THCanksgiving with recipes for the Danksgiving feast!  And I do mean every course of the big meal!

Important Danskgiving Advice

Anytime you are medicating a meal, it is ultra important to pay attention to dosing.  Dose VERY lightly!  Alternately, maybe only serve ONE medicated item among your regular Thanksgiving fare.

The goal with a medicated Danksgiving is to relax the guests and facilitate social interaction.  Not to get everyone baked out of their skulls or to the point of passing out.  Dose the Thanksgiving edibles accordingly.

Get the 420 Thanksgiving recipes here.

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