Cannabis Cheri: RYOT LOCK-R Box; Infused Shrimp Cocktails 

By  Cheri Sicard


Hi Everyone!  

I recently was staying with a friend whose favorite dish in the world is Shrimp Cocktail, which of course inspired me to get out my infused version of this retro classic (see below).  Also, this issue brings a special occasion cannabis gift review (perhaps for Mother or Father's Days?), RYOT's exquisite LOCK-R Box.

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I wear my Senior Stoner title as a badge of honor (I am never what someone expects when they hear the word stoner and it's always a teaching moment).  I wanted to create some proud senior stoner designs for others who feel the same way.  Check them out at the link below.  (They also make great gifts.)

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RYOT LOCK-R Box wooden cannabis humidor and stash box for storing cannabis

If you are in the market for an elegant, high line gift for that special cannabis connoisseur in your life the RYOT LOCK-R Box might be just what you are looking for.  An all-in-one smoking station, the elegantly crafted RYOT 11″ x 10” locking LOCK-R Box with comes with a gorgeous walnut rolling tray that features a straight wall for packing bowls and tampering. It works great as a humidor, simply add a humidity pack like those by Boveda.

Check out my full review of the RYOT LOCK-R Box here.

How to become an edibles chef - Cheri Sicard
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Marijuana Recipes - Retro Style Shrimp Cocktail

When I was a child, Shrimp Cocktail was the height of sophistication (yes, I am showing my age).  But like all classics, it's just as delicious today, and with the addition of cannabis, well it's better than ever!

Get the Infused Shrimp Cocktail recipe.

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